Professor Mary Farrell

Professor Mary Farrell


Professor in International Relations


PhD (London School of Economics)
MA International Political Economy (Middlesex University)
H.Dip in Ed. (NUI, Galway, Ireland)
B.Comm (NUI, Galway, Ireland)

Teaching experience: International and European Politics (International Relations Theory, IR practice, global governance, comparative regionalism, European integration, EU foreign policy and external relations) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities in Britain, France, and Belgium, and also in Ghana, China, and Vietnam. Extensive experience in supervising and examining postgraduate dissertations, and doctoral theses.

Professional membership

Academic Council of the United Nations; British International Studies Association; Chatham House; European Consortium of Political Research; European Union Studies Association; International Studies Association; University Association for Contemporary European Studies.

Roles on external bodies

University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), Committee member (2012-2015)
Academic Council of the United Nations (ACUNS), member of the Board of Directors (2015-2018)
European Consortium of Political Research, Executive Committee (2015-2018)

Teaching interests

International Relations theory and practice; the role of the United Nations; global public policy; European integration; European Union external relations and foreign policy; comparative African politics; comparative regionalism; Africa in the international system. 

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner for politics at University of Liverpool.
External examiner for politics and international relations at Middlesex University

Research interests

Research/scholarly interests

Prof. Farrell’s research interests cover:

  • International institutions, the interaction between national and international systems of governance and administration
  • The role of the UN in global water governance 
  • Africa in the international system, and north-south relations
  • Globalisation and the impact on systems of governance.
  • Comparative regional integration, and contemporary approaches and theories of regional and global governance
  • The international relations of the EU

Dr Farrell is also interested in developing problem-based approaches to the study of issues in international and regional governance, including the development of case studies of regional cooperation for use as teaching materials

Other research

Emerging powers and the impact on global norms; global water governance and the role of the UN; regional politics in the United Nations.

Selected publications:

Farrell, M. (2012) ‘Supporting African Regionalism: External Influences and Continental Shaping forces’, in M. Carbone (ed), One Europe, One Africa: Changing Dynamics in EU-Africa relations, Manchester University Press.

Farrell, M. (2012) ‘The EU and UN Development Cooperation: Effective Multilateralism for Global Development’, in S. Grimm, D. Gänzle, E. Makhan (eds), The European Union and Global Development: An ‘Enlightened Superpower’ in the Making?, Palgrave Macmillan.

Farrell, M. (2011) ‘Supporting African Regionalism: External Influences and Continental Shaping Forces’, in Carbone, M. (ed.) One Europe, One Africa: Changing Dynamics in EU-Africa relations, Manchester University Press.

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Kogan Page.

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Articles/working papers

Farrell, M. (2013) ‘Coherence of International regimes, the Role of the European Union and the Provision of Global Public Goods’, (with Stefan Gänzle) in European Commission, European Development Report 2013 (Brussels).

Farrell, M. (2010) ‘Bridging the gap between EU, Mediterranean and African relations’, L’Europe en Formation, Summer 2010, pp. 169–91.

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Review articles

Farrell, M. (2005) ‘Spain and Portugal in the European Union. The impact of regional integration’, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans, May 2005.

Farrell, M. (2005) ‘Regionalism in the New Asia-Pacific Order’, Politikon, Spring 2005.

Farrell, M. (2003) ‘Greece and Spain in European foreign policy’, Journal of European Integration History, 9(3).


Other academic activities

Experience in evaluation and review of national and international research funding programmes; consultancy experience in evaluation of national governance projects, and international governance projects.