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Mr Mark Horrocks

Delivery Manager

Service Assurance and Compliance (Technology & Information Services)

Delivery Manager in Solution Delivery, TIS.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Woods D, Hooper T, Mellor A, Hodkinson P, Wakeford R, Peaston B, Ball S & Green N 2011 'Brain natriuretic peptide and acute hypobaric hypoxia in humans' The Journal of Physiological Sciences 61, (3) 217-220 , DOI
Sandiford A, Horrocks M, Newnham R, Ogden J & Alloway B 2002 'Environmental change during the last glacial maximum (c. 25 000-c. 16 500 years BP) at Mt Richmond, Auckland Isthmus, New Zealand' Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 32, (1) 155-167