Dr Marina Wimmer

Dr Marina Wimmer

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Psychology - Office hours: Mo 13:00-14:00, Fr 12:00-13:00


MA in Psychology, University of Salzburg
PhD in Psychology, University of Stirling (2008)

Professional membership

Experimental Psychology Society

Teaching interests

Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychological Practice and Research, Case Studies, Option on Children's False Memories

Research interests

Cognitive Development:

  • False memories
  • Understanding and perception of ambiguous figures
  • Ambiguous visual perception in autism
  • Understanding pictures as representations
  • Mental imagery

Grants & contracts

2016-2017 Experimental Psychology Society, £2500: Familiarity and recollection in children's false memories   

2014-current British Academy, about £9700: Only the winning moves: How causality shapes automatic imitation
in children. Patric Bach (PI) & MC Wimmer (Co-I)   

2013-2014    Experimental Psychology Society, £2500: Penetrability of spatial images. 

2011-2012  British Academy, about £7400: Getting the picture: How an understanding of pictures develops. MC
Wimmer (PI), EJ Robinson, MJ Doherty

2010-2011   ESRC, about £98000: The development of mental imagery. MC Wimmer (PI), EJ Robinson, MJ

2010-2011  British Academy, £7150: Do young children understand pictures as representational? Named
Researcher with MJ Doherty & EJ Robinson

2009           British Academy overseas conference grant

2006           British Psychological Society conference grant

2005           Experimental Psychology Society conference grant

2004           University of Stirling 3-year PhD studenship

2003           Alumni Projects Fund, University of Stirling

2002           Salzburg University, 1-month research project fund  


Key publications are highlighted

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Taranu M, Wimmer MC, Ross J, Farkas D, van Ee R, Winkler I & Denham SL 2019 'Children’s perception of visual and auditory ambiguity and its link to executive functions and creativity' Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 184, 123-138 , DOI PEARL
Denham SL, Farkas D, van Ee R, Taranu M, Kocsis Z, Wimmer M, Carmel D & Winkler I 2018 'Similar but separate systems underlie perceptual bistability in vision and audition' Nature Scientific Reports PEARL
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Doherty MJ & Wimmer MC 2005 'Children's understanding of ambiguous figures: Which cognitive developments are necessary to experience reversal?' Cognitive Development 20, 407-421
Conference Papers
Wimmer MC & Doherty MJ 2007 'Investigating children's eye-movements: Cause or effect of reversing ambiguous figures?' 29th Annual Cognitive Science Society 1659-1664
Other Publications
Wimmer MC & Doherty MJ 0 The development of ambiguous figure perception. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Volume 76, Issue 1, Pages 1-130 0 0 1-130 Publisher Site