Dr Marina Logares

Dr Marina Logares

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Deputy Head of the School of Computing Electronics and Mathematics (SOCEM) research committee

Early Career Researchers representative for the SOCEM research committee


2018 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2014 Teaching habilitation as Lecturer by ANECA (Spanish national agency for quality of teaching in HE)

2006 Ph.D. in Mathematics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Employment History

2017 -           Lecturer in Pure Mathematics, University of Plymouth, UK
2016 - 2017  Marie Curie research fellow, University of Oxford, UK
2014 - 2016  Severo Ochoa Postdoctoral Fellow, ICMAT (CSIC) Madrid, Spain
2010 - 2014  Honorary Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
2011 - 2014  JAE-Doc Postdoctoral Fellow, ICMAT (CSIC) Madrid, Spain 
2010 - 2011   i-Math Postdoctoral Fellow, ICMAT (CSIC) Madrid, Spain
2007 - 2010  FCT Postdoctoral Fellow, CMUP, Faculdade de Ciencias do Porto, Portugal
2006 - 2007  Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany

Professional membership

Member of the  London Mathematical Society

Teaching interests

First Semester:
MATH2606 Real and Complex Analysis

Second Semester:
MATH057 Data Mining and Algorithms
MATH3609 Optimisation Networks and Graphs

Research interests

Algebraic and complex geometry and mathematical physics. In particular, I study the geometry and topology of moduli spaces arising in mathematical physics such as moduli spaces of instantons and (parabolic) Higgs bundles.  

Some keywords describing my interests are mirror symmetry, TQFTs, quantization, stacks, singular curves, integrable systems, Poisson geometry, geometric Langlands correspondence.

Other research

Member of the Plymouth  Big Data group

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Ph.D. Angel González Prieto, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2018)
MSc. Angel González Prieto, "Deligne-Hodge polynomials of character varieties of doubly periodic instantons", Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2015)
MSc. Samuel Ranz, "Geometric Invariant Theory and Symplectic Quotients", Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2016)

Undergraduate final degree projects:
Angel González Prieto, "On the h-cobordism" (2014)
Victoria Arribas, "Homogeneus spaces" (2013)
Ivan Rasskin, "Total curvature of curves and knots, introduction to knot theory" (2013) 

Research groups

  • Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS)



 On Higgs bundles on nodal curves, arXiv: 1809.06021

 A lax monoidal Topological Quantum Field Theory for representation varieties (with A. González-Prieto and V. Muñoz), arXiv: 1709.05724 

Peer-reviewed journals

  1. Symplectic geometry of a moduli space of framed Higgs bundles (with I. Biswas and A. Peón-Nieto), Int. Math. Res. Notices, (2019) pp.1--28, doi:10.1093/imrn/rnz016.

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Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

15. Rationality of the moduli space of pairs over a curve, (with I. Biswas and V. Muñoz), Non-linear analysis: Stability, Approximation and Inequalities In honour of Th.M.Rassias in his 60th birthday, SpringerOptimization and Its Applications, Vol. 68, (Eds.) Pardalos, Panos M.; Georgiev, Pando G.; Srivastava, Hari M. (2012) ISBN 978-1-4614-3497-9.

Scientific Dissemination

16. Book Review for the EMS Newsletter “Donaldson Type Invariants for Algebraic Surfaces, Transactions on Moduli Stacks, by Takuro Mochizuki. LNM1972 Springer”, no.91 March 2014, European Mathematical Society, 57–58.

17. Book: "Las geometrías y otras revoluciones", Editorial Catarata (CSIC), Madrid, 2018.