Mrs Marie Palmer

Mrs Marie Palmer

Senior Technician (Marine Biology)

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


MSc Shellfish Biology, Fisheries & Culture

University of Wales, Bangor

BSc Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology
University of Plymouth

Reduced pH affects pulsing behaviour and body size in ephyrae of the moon jellyfish, Aurelia aurita

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 480: 54-61

Jul 1, 2016

O. Tills, X. Sun, S.D. Rundle, T. Heimbach, T. Gibson, A. Cartwright, M. Palmer, T. Rudin-Bitterli, J.I. Spicer
• At reduced pH the size of ephyra-stage Aurelia aurita was decreased.
• Pulsation rate was reduced by culture in reduced pH seawater.
• Pulsation behaviour was more variable in reduced pH seawater.
• Ephyrae retained capability for rapid pulsation behaviour at reduced pH.Multiple Physiological 

Responses to Multiple Environmental Challenges: An Individual Approach.

Integrative & Comparative Biology 53(4): 1-11

May 9, 2013 
P. Calosi, L. M. Turner, M. Hawkins, C. Bertolini, G. Nightingale, M Truebano and J. I. Spicer.

Three species of Mytilus and their hybrids identified in a Scottish Loch: natives, relicts and invaders?

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology  367: 100-110

Dec 15, 2008 

Beaumont, A.R., Hawkins, M.P., Doig, F.L., Davies, I.M. and Snow, M. 

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