Miss Madeleine Steer

Miss Madeleine Steer

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



PhD student with Professor Richard Thompson and Dr Phil Warburton

Room 620 Davy, University of Plymouth


2001-2002 BSc Marine Biology, Swansea University
2015-2016 MRes Marine Biology, Plymouth University and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.
2018- current PhD Assessing the influence of waste water microplastics on the marine environment. NERC scholarship and UKWIR CASE partnered.



Research interests

  • Specialise in environmental microplastics.
  • Prevalence of plastic in marine matrices and biota. Participated in the 2016 Atlantic Meridional Transect Cruise for Plymouth Marine Laboratory assessing microplastics in seawater and zooplankton.
  • Data from the cruise has been used to verify remote observations for the European Space Agency project at PML entitled Optical Methods for Marine Litter Detection.
  • Currently assessing the effectiveness of waste water treatment in removing plastic particles from effluent.


Steer, M., Cole, M., Thompson, R.C. and Lindeque, P.K., 2017. Microplastic ingestion in fish larvae in the western English Channel. Environmental Pollution, 226, pp.250-259.