Dr Lukas Smik

Dr Lukas Smik


School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Andrews JT, Smik L, Belt ST, Sicre M-A & McCave IN 2020 'Ocean surface and bottom water conditions, iceberg drift and sediment transport on the North Iceland margin during MIS 3 and MIS 2' Quaternary Science Reviews: the international multidisciplinary research and review journal 252, 106722-106722 , DOI Open access
Detlef H, Sosdian SM, Belt ST, Smik L, Lear CH, Kender S, Pearce C & Hall IR 2020 'Late quaternary sea-ice and sedimentary redox conditions in the eastern Bering Sea – Implications for ventilation of the mid-depth North Pacific and an Atlantic-Pacific seesaw mechanism' Quaternary Science Reviews 248, 106549-106549 , DOI Open access
Rahaman W, Smik L, Köseoglu D, N L, Tarique M, Thamban M, Haywood A, Belt ST & Knies J 2020 'Reduced Arctic sea ice extent during the mid-Pliocene Warm Period concurrent with increased Atlantic-climate regime' Earth and Planetary Science Letters 550, 116535-116535 , DOI Open access
Gao S, Smik L, Kulikovskiy M, Shkurina N, Gusev E, Pedentchouk N, Mock T & Belt ST 2020 'A novel tri-unsaturated highly branched isoprenoid (HBI) alkene from the marine diatom Navicula salinicola' Organic Geochemistry 146, 104050-104050 , DOI Open access
Tesi T, Belt ST, Gariboldi K, Muschitiello F, Smik L, Finocchiaro F, Giglio F, Colizza E, Gazzurra G & Giordano P 2020 'Resolving sea ice dynamics in the north-western Ross Sea during the last 2.6 ka: From seasonal to millennial timescales' Quaternary Science Reviews 237, 106299-106299 , DOI Open access
Rontani J, Smik L & Belt ST 2020 'EIMS Fragmentation and detection of autoxidation products of 2,6,10,14‐tetramethyl‐7‐(3‐methylpent‐4‐enyl)‐pentadec‐5‐ene in Arctic sediments' Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , DOI Open access
Kim J-H, Gal J-K, Jun S-Y, Smik L, Kim D, Belt ST, Park K, Shin K-H & Nam S-I 2019 'Reconstructing spring sea ice concentration in the Chukchi Sea over recent centuries: insights into the application of the PIP25 index' Environmental Research Letters 14, (12) 125004-125004 , DOI Open access
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Lo L, Belt ST, Lattaud J, Friedrich T, Zeeden C, Schouten S, Smik L, Timmermann A, Cabedo-Sanz P & Huang JJ 2018 'Precession and atmospheric CO₂ modulated variability of sea ice in the central Okhotsk Sea since 130,000 years ago' Earth and Planetary Science Letters 488, 36-45 , DOI Open access
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