Ms Laurien van de Weijer

Ms Laurien van de Weijer

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)

I am a motivated researcher still in the early stage of my career. I have a strong background in cell and molecular biology. I am skilled in a variety of laboratory techniques relating to cell culture, including 3D spheroid and organoid culture of primary cells and cell lines. What I enjoy most about research is the excitement of being part of an adventure that constantly provides new challenges, new ideas and new possibilities. 


MSc Oncology at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam
BSc Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University

Research interests

I am a PhD student working within Professor Oliver Hanemann's Brain Tumour Research group at Plymouth's BTR Centre of Excellence. My work is focused on developing a methodology to create 3D cell cultures for meningiomas, the most common intracranial brain tumour. The development of such a model, something that is already widely used in studying other, better-funded, types of cancer, will allow for more accurate results when studying meningiomas. 3D cell culture allows cells to more closely mimic physiological and diseased states, proving a more physiologically relevant context for in-vitro experiments.

Research groups