Dr Klara Lucznik

Dr Klara Lucznik

Research Fellow in Health, Well-being and Economy

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Currently, I am a research fellow in RURITAGE, an EU-funded research project. I hold a diverse background, i.a., in psychology, physics and dance studies, and completed my PhD training in interdisciplinary programme CogNovo, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Network research training. In my projects, I pursue multiple disciplinary research across psychology, environmental studies, visual art and moment studies. 


  • PhD Psychology: 'Shared Creativity and Flow in Dance Improvisation Practice', University of Plymouth, 2018
  • MA Choreography and Dance Theory: 'Mental Training in Contemporary Dance Practice', F. Chopin Music University of Warsaw, 2013
  • MA Psychology: 'Attachment styles upon a place in social network' University of Warsaw, 2009       

Roles on external bodies



Teaching interests

  • Applied Psychology
  • Embodied Cognition
  • Multiple Disciplinary Research Practice



Research interests

  • Embodied Cognition
  • Nature, Culture and Wellbeing
  • Cognitive Innovation
  • Group Creativity
  • Flow Experience

Other research

RURITAGE, a four-year-long EU-funded research project, initiated June 2018, which strives to enable rural regeneration through natural and cultural heritage. The project aims to sustainably enhance local heritage for regional and community development with the help of the Systemic Innovation Areas (SIA) framework, which identifies unique heritage potential within rural communities. In particular, SIAs are focused on such areas as Pilgrimage, Resilience, Sustainable Local Food Production, Integrated Landscape Management, Migration and Art and Festivals.

ColLaboratoire 2020, a week-long Research Residency program in multiple-disciplinary research and sustainability, especially in the context of Philippines. During the residency, ColLaboratoire Fellows explored applying imaginative, methodologically innovative, and radically multiple-disciplinary approaches to six Research Challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For one week on the island of Siargao, ColLaboratoire Fellows looked at innovative ways to address the Research Challenges that combine teaching with applied and multiple-disciplinary research practice.

The ISSC Bristol Co-Lab. Bristol Co-Lab is a practice-based research project into somatic communication. The Institute for Studying Somatic Communication is a collective of research laboratories populated by dancer/researchers working in ensemble modalities, each with skills in physical/attentional practices of dance improvisation and Contact Improvisation.

Grants & contracts

  • £56,046 University of Plymouth Global Challenges Research Fund (04/2019-07/2020) to Nasser, M (PI), Łucznik, K (CI), Maranan, D (CI), Martin, J (CI). Collaboratoire Multiple Disciplinary Research Leadership Summer School

Creative practice & artistic projects

Łucznik, K., Carderelli-Gronau, S., Levin, A. (2019) Six short pieces of Dance, grounded in contact improvisation, a durational piece where the dancers experiment with the physical relatedness and poetry of being off balance. 

Micheal, K., Coren, L., Łucznik, K. (2018) sequel – a physical theatre piece ‘intended to re-frame our experience of climate change into one that inspires hope and the community action’. (movement directed by K. Łucznik)

Łucznik, K., Jackson, A., Loesche, F., Denham, S. (2016) A space to wonder: an interactive bio-sensorial installation. First presented at CogNovo Bizarre Bazaar public engagement event, 22nd October 2016, Plymouth, UK.

Łucznik, K., Jackson, A., Sakuta, A., Siarava, E. (2016) Let’s Improv It – a participatory improvised performance informed by embodied psychology and small group dynamics research.

Łucznik, K., Maranan, D., Knight, J., Melidis, Ch. (2016) Ekosi Eksi  – experimental somatic, sound film.

Łucznik, K., Biesaga, M. (2012) 10 Percent White - The Evolution of Idea. Ten Percent White exhibition on art/social science links at the Center for Contemporary Arts, December, 2012, Warsaw, Poland.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Lucznik K, Serrano JV & Martin J (2022) 'An Exploration of the Contribution of Embodied, Situated Research Strategies to Cultural Ecosystem Services and Landscape Assessment Frameworks: An Environmental Empathy Case Study' Avant 13, (1) , DOI Open access
Martin J, Williamson D, Lucznik K & Guy JA (2021) 'Development of the My Cult-Rural Toolkit' Sustainability 13, (13) 7128-7128 , DOI Open access
Lucznik K & May J (2021) 'Measuring individual and group flow in collaborative improvisational dance' Thinking Skills and Creativity , DOI Open access
May J, Redding E, Whatley S, Lucznik K, Clements L, Weber R, Sikorski J & Reed S (2020) 'Enhancing creativity by training metacognitive skills in mental imagery' Thinking Skills and Creativity , DOI Open access
Lucznik K, May J & Redding E (2020) 'A qualitative investigation of flow experience in group creativity' Research in Dance Education 1-20 , DOI Open access
Lucznik K & Loesche F (2017) 'Dance Improvisational Cognition' AVANT. The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard VIII, (Special) 227-239 , DOI Open access
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Loesche F & Lucznik K (2017) 'Our GIFT to All of Us: GA(Y)AM: Preface' AVANT. The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard VIII, (Special) 13-16 , DOI Open access
Lisiecka K, Rychwalska A, Samson K, Lucznik K, Ziembowicz M, Szóstek A & Nowak A (2016) 'Medium Moderates the Message. How Users Adjust Their Communication Trajectories to Different Media in Collaborative Task Solving' PLOS ONE 11, (6) e0157827-e0157827 , DOI Open access
Lucznik K (2015) 'Between minds and bodies: Some insights about creativity from dance improvisation' Technoetic Arts 13, (3) 301-308 , DOI Open access
Lucznik K (2015) 'Between minds and bodies: Some insights about creativity from dance improvisation' Technoetic Arts 13, (3) 301-308 , DOI
Torre I, Lucznik K, Francis KB, Maranan DS, Loesche F, Figueroa RB, Sakuta A & Zaksaite T (2020) 'Openness across Disciplines: Reflecting on a Multiple Disciplinary Summer School' Open(ing) Education: Theory and Practice 300-328 , DOI