Ms Kiki Soteri

Ms Kiki Soteri

Honorary Associate Professor

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Lecturer in Optometry
Admissions Tutor for Optometry
Module Lead for OPT305 Clinical Case Management in Optometry

Module Lead for OPT204 Pharmacology and Ocular Drugs 
Module Lecturer for PARA301 Refining clinical skills for paramedic practitioners
Module Lecturer for OPT201 Clinical Skills 2
Module Lecturer for OPT107 Visual perception
Project supervisor to 4 students for OPT301 Project Studies 2
Project supervisor to 4 students for OPT207 Project Studies 1
Module Lead for OPT105 Clinical Optometry Skills 1 2012-2013
Module Lecturer for OPT105 Clinical Skills 1 2011-2013


Kiki began her career in 1995 graduating from City University and worked as a pre-registration Optometrist at Ipswich Hospital. She worked for Professor Bruce Evans at his independent practice in Brentwood for 5 years developing her experience in paediatric eye care, tear film and ocular surface disorders and contact lenses.  

At the start of 2000 she founded a London based, high street independent optometry practice in which her role was both clinical and directorial until 2006 when she sold it as a going concern. Over the years she studied a Masters in Clinical Optometry for which she was awarded a Distinction in 2007 and developed further with a specialism in Ocular Therapeutics, ultimately qualifying as an Independent Prescriber with the College on Optometrists. 

In 2011 Kiki was recruited by Plymouth University as part of the team tasked with driving Optometry in the South West by developing a novel undergraduate Optometry degree. She has had a variety of professional experiences in a broad range of settings over the course of the past two decades, including work in a range of independents, multiples, supermarket-based optical services, hospitals, public speaking, teaching and committee roles. 

Kiki is Chair of the Education and Standards Committee at the College of Optometrists overseeing the scheme for registration and assessment of graduate optometrists as well as the creation of higher qualifications and resources. As an active Trustee and Council Member with the College of Optometrists, Kiki hopes that her consistent history of engaging in front-line optometry will help to encourage students and optometric colleagues to cultivate and advance their ongoing professional development.

Professional membership

Member of the College of Optometrists
Member of the Association of Optometrists
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Registered with the General Optical Council GOC

Roles on external bodies

Chair of the College of Optometrists Education and Standards Committee 
Trustee to the Board of the College of Optometrists 
College of Optometrists Elected representative of the South West region to the Council 2013-16
College of Optometrists Research Committee Member 2013-14
TVCI Faculty Member for Johnson and Johnson's The Vision Care Institute 

NLAO North London Association of Optometrists President 1999-2001
NLAO North London Association of Optometrists Vice-President 1998-99
NLAO North London Association of Optometrists comittee member 1998-2003



Teaching interests

Kiki's interests lie in interactive teaching. Her lectures systematically incorporate dialogue with participants.
In September 2013 as part of Kiki's pursuit to support the development of students' employability skills through teaching and learning, the new module OPT305 Clinical Case Management in Optometry was launched using the pedagogic principles of Problem Based Learning. 

This final year module gives Optometry undergraduates the opportunity to work in small groups involved in weekly discussion seminars. Real clinical cases form the topic of these committee-style peer discussion groups which are facilitated by the tutor. The snapshot of the case history, symptoms and clinical findings which Kiki puts together, provides a framework for the various management options to be critically analysed by the student group and personal goals to be set for students' individual learning strategies. 



Research interests

Paediatric vision screening
Management of amblyopia
Ophthalmic public health

Professional development
Teaching and learning in eye care