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Professor Khaled Hussainey

Professor of Accounting

Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Professor of Accounting



Ph.D. (Accounting & Finance), The University of Manchester(UK).

M.Sc. (Accounting & Finance), The University ofBirmingham (UK).

B.Com (Accounting), Ain Shams University (Egypt).

Academic Appointments

Professor of Accounting, PlymouthUniversity         1st June2013

Reader in Accounting, StirlingUniversity         August 2012 – May 2013

Senior Lecturer in Accounting, StirlingUniversity  January 2010 – July2012

Lecturer in Accounting, StirlingUniversity        August 2008 –December2009

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Manchester University  Jan.2006 – July 2008 

 ESRC Research Associate, Manchester University Jan. 2005 – Dec. 2005                

Tutor/Associate Lecture/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor ofAccounting, Ain Shams University (Egypt)

Teaching interests

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Corporate Finance

Research interests

Corporate Voluntary Disclosure

Corporate Governance

Market Based Accounting Research

Earnings Management

Islamic Accounting & Finance

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD Completions

Hany Elzahar – Determinants and relevance of KPIs reporting.

Imad Kutum- Business audit risk, comparative auditing standards.

Mohammed Idris – Earnings management and corporate governance in Jordan. 

Tamer Elshandidy – Risk reporting and measurement: A cross-country study.

Sahar Munir – Islamic Derivatives in Pakistan.

Key publications are highlighted

Elshandidy T, Fraser I & Hussainey K 2013 'Aggregated, voluntary, and mandatory risk disclosure incentives: Evidence from UK FTSE all-share companies' INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 30, 320-333 Author Site , DOI
Barakat A & Hussainey K 2013 'Bank governance, regulation, supervision, and risk reporting: Evidence from operational risk disclosures in European banks' INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 30, 254-273 Author Site , DOI
Hussainey KSM & Al-Moataz E 2013 'Determinants of corporate governance disclosure in Saudi Arabia' Journal of Economics and Management
Hussainey KSM & Mouselli S 2013 'The effects of corporate governance on analyst following and firm value: the UK evidence' Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society
Wang M & Hussainey K 2013 'Voluntary forward-looking statements driven by corporate governance and their value relevance' JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND PUBLIC POLICY 32, (3) 26-49 Author Site , DOI
Hussainey KSM, Mouselli S & Jaafar A 2012 'Accruals quality vis-à-vis disclosure quality: Substitutes or complements?' The British Accounting Review 44, (1) 36-46 , DOI
Hussainey KSM & Aljifri K 2012 'Corporate governance mechanisms and capital structure in UAE?' Journal of Applied Accounting Research 13, (2) 145-160 , DOI
Hussainey KSM & Elzahar H 2012 'Determinants of narrative risk disclosures in UK interim reports' The Journal of Risk Finance 13, (2) 133-147 , DOI
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Hussainey KSM & Al-Najjar B 2012 'Understanding the Determinants of RiskMetrics/ISS Ratings of the Quality of UK Companies' Corporate Governance Practice' Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences 29, (4) 366-377 , DOI
Hussainey K, Mgbame CO & Chijoke-Mgbame AM 2011 'Dividend policy and share price volatility: UK evidence' Journal of Risk Finance 11, 57-68
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Hussainey KSM, Ben Othman H & Moumen N 2011 'Share price anticipation of future earnings in the presence of financial leverage, proprietary cost and institutional ownership: Evidence from MENA emerging markets' International Journal of Global Management Studies Professional 3, (1) 1-22
Sun N, Salama A, Hussainey K & Habbash M 2010 'Corporate environmental disclosure, corporate governance and earnings management' Managerial Auditing Journal 25, 679-700
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Hussainey KSM & Mouselli S 2010 'Disclosure quality and stock returns in the UK' Journal of Applied Accounting Research 11, (2) 154-174 , DOI
Ahmed A & Hussainey K 2010 'Managers' and auditors' perceptions of intellectual capital reporting' Managerial Auditing Journal 25, 844-860
Hussainey KSM & Salama A 2010 'The importance of corporate environmental reputation to investors' Journal of Applied Accounting Research 11, (3) 229-241
Hussainey K & Aal-Eisa J 2009 'Disclosure and dividend signalling when sustained earnings growth declines' Managerial Auditing Journal 24, 445-454
Hussainey K 2009 'Do dividends signal information about future earnings?' Applied Economics Letters 16, (12) 1285-1288
Hussainey KSM & Al-Najjar B 2009 'The association between dividend payout and outside directorships' Journal of Applied Accounting Research 10, (1) 4-19
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Hussainey K & Ngoc LK 2009 'The impact of macroeconomic indicators on Vietnamese stock prices' Journal of Risk Finance 10, 321-332
Hussainey KSM & Al-Nodel A 2008 'Corporate governance online reporting by Saudi listed companies' Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies 8, 39-64

Other academic activities

Due to my growing reputation in disclosure research,Editors of three international journals have invited me to act as guest editorfor three special issues. In addition, I have acted as ad-hoc referee for manyarticles in high quality international journals.

Guest Editor of Journalof Applied Accounting Research for a special issue on corporate governance.

Guest Editor of CorporateGovernance: The International Journal of Business inSociety for a special issue on corporate governance and voluntarydisclosure.

Guest Editor of ManagerialAuditing Journal for special issue on corporate narrative reporting.

Guest Editor of InternationalJournal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation (IJAAPE) for aspecial issue on Accounting & Finance in MENA countries.

 ·        Ad-hoc Reviewer for the following journals:

    1. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.
    2. British Accounting Review.
    3. European Accounting Review.
    4. Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies.
    5. International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation (IJAAPE).

Other ProfessionalActivities

1. External Adviser for theValidation of an MSc Accounting and Finance programme, Royal Docks BusinessSchool, University of East London.

 2. ExternalAdviser forthe Validation of an MSc Accounting and Business Management Programme atBrunel Business School, Brunel University.

3. External Adviser for theValidation of an MSc Accounting and Business Management Programme at KingKhalid University (Saudi Arabia).

4. External Adviser for theValidation of an MSc Accounting and Business Management Programme at Ummal-Qura University (Saudi Arabia).