Dr Julie Savage

Dr Julie Savage

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)


Part-time (0.2 FTE) Lecturer in Optometry


Dr Julie Savage graduated from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine with a BSc (Hons) in Physics in 1987. She returned to Imperial College in 1988 and completed a PhD, entitled "Spatial Vision in Normal and Albino Humans", in 1992. Following post-doctoral research fellowships at Derby, Keele and Aston Universities, she retrained as an optometrist, graduating with an MOptom from UMIST in 2001. Since then, she has worked in optometric practice in Yorkshire and Somerset, joining the optometry team at Plymouth University on a part-time basis in 2012. She spends one day a week at Plymouth and the rest of her time working in a busy independent optometric practice in North Somerset. She is passionate about vision, education and learning, and supervises a pre-registration optometrist and trainee dispensing optician in addition to her role as lecturer.

Professional membership

General Optical Council registered
Member of the College of Optometrists (MOptom)
Member of the Association of Optometrists
Member of the British Contact Lens Association

Teaching interests

Module lead OPT202 Specialist Optometric Skills (Contact lenses and low vision)

Research groups

  • Optometry

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