Dr Julie Goodhew

Dr Julie Goodhew

Research Fellow

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)


I am a Research Fellow in environmental psychology, with a background in education. Currently, I am working in the field of marine plastic litter and microplastics on a United Nations Environment Programme. With Professor Sabine Pahl, we are using an online survey to take stock of existing activities and actions (taken by government and non-government entities) towards the long-term elimination of discharges into the oceans, to reduce marine plastic litter and microplastics. 

However, I specialise in research on the behavioural outcomes of using visual behavioural antecedents to make energy (heat) visible in buildings. My research has explored how individuals respond to energy efficiency communications and especially how they understand heat in buildings. I use mixed methodology. 

I have experience on research council funded projects involving multidisciplinary teams and collaborations with business, community groups and policy stakeholders (e.g the eViz Project (TEDDI), the RealValue project; Horizon 2020).

As part of the team on the EPSRC funded eviz project (Energy Visualisation for Carbon Reduction), we investigated whether demand for energy could be reduced when energy is made more visible, for users. If so, what were the key features of such visualisations. 

I have taught on the PSY250 module (Workplace Learning and Skills Development) in the School of Psychology and having a background in education, I have taught on a variety of psychology related courses. I also have previous experience managing a team of staff in a busy Further Education college. 


PhD (Psychology) 
BSc (Hons) Psychology
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
BA (Hons) Business Studies
RSA Counselling in the Development of Learning

Professional membership

British Psychological Society (Graduate Member, MBPsS)

Teaching interests

Within the School of Psychology, I teach on module PSY250 and supervise project students in their final year.

I have however, spent my earlier career in Schools and FE Colleges, teaching vocational and academic Business and Marketing. During this time I coordinated courses, led a Business Studies section and acted as a College Counsellor. I have also been an Assistant Examiner for AS Business Studies (AEB) and have also taught on the Open University DZX222 and B120 modules.

Research interests

Visualisations and the influence of the visual on behaviour (in the context of resource use)

ABC Interventions (Antecedent - Behaviour -Consequence)
Persuasive Communications
Persuasive Technologies
Persuasive Significance
Framing (Particularly the effect of specificity, abstract vs concrete, positive vs negative presentations/communications)
Psychological Prompts
Use of vivid imagery/visualisation
Behavioural Economics

Key publications are highlighted

Goodhew JA, Pahl S, Goodhew S & Boomsma C 2017 'Mental models of heat: Exploring how people think about heat flows in the home' Energy Research and Social Science , DOI PEARL
Boomsma C, Goodhew J, Pahl S & Jones RV 2016 'The feasibility of saving energy in challenging organisational contexts: Testing energy visualisation in a social services office in the United Kingdom' Energy Research & Social Science 15, 58-74 , DOI PEARL
Boomsma C, Goodhew J, Goodhew S & Pahl S 2016 'Improving the visibility of energy use in home heating in England: Thermal images and the role of visual tailoring' Energy Research & Social Science 14, 111-121 , DOI PEARL
Pahl S, Goodhew J, Boomsma C & Sheppard SRJ 2016 'The Role of Energy Visualization in Addressing Energy Use: Insights from the eViz Project' Frontiers in Psychology 7, , DOI PEARL
Goodhew JA, Pahl S, Auburn T & Goodhew S 2014 'Making Heat Visible: Promoting Energy Conservation Behaviors Through Thermal Imaging' Environment and Behavior , DOI PEARL
Murray P, Goodhew J & Murray S 2014 'The heart of ESD: personally engaging learners with sustainability' ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESEARCH 20, (5) 718-734 Author Site , DOI
Goodhew J, Auburn T & Pahl S 2008 'That's it we're having more insulation! Will householders change behaviours and attitudes after being shown an infrared image of their homes leaking heat?' INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 43, (3-4) 273-273 Author Site
Auburn TC, Goodhew J, Goodhew S, de Wilde P & Pahl S 0 'A preliminary investigation of the potential for thermographic images to influence householders' understanding of home energy consumption' in Dainty B Proceedings of ARCOM conference 2009 971-979 PEARL
Conference Papers
Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Pahl S & Goodhew SMR 2015 'Exploring mental models of home heating' BCEP Groningen 1-/-0/1900 1-/-0/1900
Pahl S, Goodhew J, Boomsma C & Goodhew SMR 2015 'The power of thermal imaging to change energy understanding and action' BCEP Groningen 1-/-0/1900 1-/-0/1900
Goodhew J, Goodhew SMR, Boomsma C & Pahl S 2015 't's fffffffffffreezsing!...thought thermal imaging might shed some light as to where the heat's going!" Can visualisation shed a light on heating?' Proceedings from the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy 2015 France 1-/-0/1900 1-/-0/1900

Getting the balance right: can smart thermal storage work for both customers and grids? Consumer impact study, RealValue project Horizon 2020. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Darby, S.J., Higginson, S., Topouzi, M., Goodhew, J. and Reiss, S. (2018)

Darby SJ, Higginson S, Topouzi M, Reiss S & Goodhew J 2018 Getting the balance right: can smart thermal storage work for both customers and grids? Consumer impact study, RealValue project Horizon 2020. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.
Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S Fox M, Goodhew J, Boomsma C, Goodhew S & Pahl S 0 'Lessons on visual feedback from the eViz Project: The evidence for using thermal images as a visual intervention' 01/01/1900 01/01/1900 PEARL

Additional information

RICS Research Series Prize at ARCOM (2009) for the paper:
Goodhew, J., Goodhew, S., Auburn, T., De Wilde, P., Pahl, S. (2009) " A Preliminary Investigation of the Potential for Thermographic Images to Influence Householders Understanding of Home Energy Consumption" In: Dainty (Ed) Procs 25th Annual ARCOM Conference, 7 -9 September 2009, Nottingham, UK, ARCOM, 971-79.

Energy Group lead and Member, Bovey Climate Action:  
Recent winners of  The Regen SW award for Energy Sustainable Community (2008) 
Winner of the Carbon Positive Award for Carbon Positive Community (2009) http://www.peoplesrepublicofsouthdevon.co.uk/2009/05/08/bovey-climate-action-picks-up-c-award-for-community-carbon-cutting/

Finalist for the University of Plymouth Vice Chancellor's Enterprise Award 2009 under the category 'Enterprising Research'. http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=25667

21st Century Living Project 2008 to 2010

Contributor to the full report

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