Dr Joyce Halliday

Dr Joyce Halliday

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Social Policy and Sociology

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Business)


Joyce Halliday is an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Social Policy & Sociology. She is currently seconded to a Department of Health funded project exploring the diversity of healthcare providers now offering services to NHS patients.


Joyce read geography at Oxford University (gaining a first-class degree) and was awarded a PhD in Coastal Zone Management from the University of Wales in 1986. She spent 15 years as Devon Research Fellow at the University of Exeter before moving to the University of Plymouth in 2000 to manage the team evaluating the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Health Action Zone. The award of a two-year ESRC Research Fellowship in 2003 allowed her to consolidate her publication record after many years as a contract researcher and in October 2005 she was awarded a five-year RCUK Academic Fellowship in Rural Health. The majority of her time is currently allocated to a Department of Health funded project exploring the diversity of providers offering services to NHS patients where she is Project Manager and main fieldworker.

Professional membership

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Teaching interests

Rural sociology, the sociology of health and illness, evaluation, social policy.

Research interests

Rurality: rural service provision and delivery, resource allocation, the understanding and representation of rural deprivation. Health: the delivery of health-related interventions in the UK, partnership working, community involvement, health inequalities. Social policy: early years and older people. Evaluation.

Grants & contracts

J. Halliday, J. Parsons and T. Wilkinson, Evaluation of the Dartington LandWorks Project, Dartington Hall Trust (2015-2018), £14,995.

J. Halliday, J. Parsons, C. Pettinger, G. D'Aprano, Edible Futures: The role of food-based projects in developing community resilience and social sustainability. Plymouth University, ISSR Small Collaborative Award 2015, £5,003.

R. Sheaff, M. Exworthy, J. Halliday et al. Diverse Healthcare Providers: Behaviour in response to commissioners, patients and innovations. Department of Health Policy Research Programme (2015-17) £482,758.

J.Halliday & T. Wilkinson, Accreditation of Family Nurse Partnership Programme for clients & partners, Plymouth Teaching PCT – Family Nurse Partnership Programme (2010) £20,295

S. Asthana & J. Halliday Evaluation of the Peninsula Cancer Network project for raising skin cancer awareness and prevention, South West Peninsula Cancer Network (2009-10) £30,000.

S. Asthana, A Gibson, J. Halliday, P. Hewson (2008) Resource allocation in statutory service provision: an assessment of the police and fire formulae, Rural Services Partnership: £20,224

J. Halliday The role of health in children’s centres: evaluating outcomes for the early years, Plymouth City Council (2007-2008): £12,000.

J. Halliday Supporting Families: An evaluation of the Malezi project, Plymouth City Council (2007-2008): £5,000.

J. Halliday Devon Senior Council – Developing the Work Programme (in association with Peter Fletcher Associates) (2006-2008): £10,284.

J. Halliday, Partnership Working in Practice: Learning from Health Action Zones ESRC Research Fellowship RES-000-27-0042 (2003-2005): £94,429.

S. Asthana, A. Gibson, J. Halliday, J. Dixon & G. Moon, Evaluation of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly HAZ Initiative (2000-2003): £438,751.

S. Asthana, J. Halliday, J. Dixon & J. Chandler, Partnership Effectiveness in Plymouth HAZ (2000-2002): £65,000.

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S. Asthana, A. Gibson, G. Moon, P. Brigham and J. Halliday. Health Resource Allocation: What Case can be made for Rurality? Rural Health Allocations Forum, 2001-2002: £59,214.

Key publications are highlighted

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