John Hilsdon

John Hilsdon


I have now left my full-time post at the University of Plymouth. I was formerly Associate Professor and Head of Learning Support and Wellbeing at Plymouth University, responsible for the Counselling, Learning Development and Disability Assist teams. I am also a National Teaching Fellow. My work over the last decade has contributed to the academic and professional evolution of Learning Development as a distinct field of practice in Higher Education. I helped set up the UK network of learning developers, LDHEN, in 2002, and was the first Chair of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (see I am also an editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education ( As one of the 15 coordinators for the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, ‘LearnHigher’, I developed learning materials for academic writing (the ‘WrAssE’ project), and on the themes of critical thinking and reflection. I am co-editor of 'Learning Development in Higher Education' (Palgrave Macmillan). In the last five years I have been delivered keynotes and presentations at the University of Oxford; Chiba University, Japan; Bournemouth; Brighton; De Montfort; Sheffield; Hereford; and the University of Houston, Texas. I completed a doctorate in education in 2018 examining the significance of Learning Development in HE.


University of Lancaster: BA (Hon’s) Politics (Econ. Minor) 2(i), 1978

Bolton Institute of HE: Cert. Ed F/HE, 1983

Lancashire Education Authority: RSA Dip TEFL, 1985

University of Lancaster: MA Language Studies (Educational Linguistics) (Distinction), 1990

Iron Mill Institute, Exeter: Advanced Diploma in Counselling, 2000

Plymouth University, Professional Doctorate in Education, 2018

Professional membership

National Teaching Fellow (2005)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Listowner, Learning Development in Higher Education Network JISCmail list

Chair of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE) 2006 to 2011

Roles on external bodies

Editor of the Journal of Learning Development in HigherEducation (JLDHE)


Convenor of LDHEN (Learning Development in Higher EducationNetwork) 2003 - present


External Reviewer, Student Counselling Service, TrinityCollege, Dublin (2005)


Learning Area Co-ordinator for the LearnHigher Centre forExcellence in Teaching and Learning (2005 - 2010)


Chair of the LearnHigher Working Group (2011 - 2012)


JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme, ALDinHEProject Manager 2011 - 2013

Teaching interests

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Critical thinking, reflection/reflexivity

Learning in social situations: role, identity and language

Discourse Analysis

Staff serving as external examiners

Certified Examiner for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 1999 - 2005

External Examiner, University of Limerick Foundation Humanities Programme 2012 - 2014

Research interests

The relationship between 'classroom' language practices and learning outcomes

The role of 'learning development' work in UK HE

The development of skills and abilities for academic writing through awareness of discourse conventions, genre and functions of communication.

The relationship between aspects of the experience of being a student (e.g. in terms of identity and language) and academic success.

Grants & contracts

ILT Small Grants fund 2003/4 awarded to support the Student Assignment Project

Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (LearnHigher) 2005

National Teaching Fellowship Research/Study Grant 2005 - 2008

Learning Development 'Past Present Future' CETL funded research project 2006-8

Writing for Assignments E-library (WrAssE) CETL funded development project 2007

Widening Participation Access Fund: Peer Assisted Learning schemes in Nursing, Computing, and Social Work 2012 -13

HE STEM SW Academic Writing Skills Development Project 2011 -12

JISC Developing Digital Literacies, Professional Associations Strand 2011 - 2013

Plymouth University Strategic Investment Fund - Peer Assisted Learning (2012)

Higher Education Academy, Associate Project: Teaching for Critical Thinking (2013) 

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Reports & invited lectures

Hilsdon J. (2007) Learning development: what is it, where has it come from and how does it fit into UK universities? July 2007, Lancaster University

Hilsdon J. (2008) Making Sense Of University: A ‘Learning Development’ Perspective, Research Seminar at the Oxford Learning Institute, University of Oxford 16th October, 2008

Hilsdon, J. (2009) Critical Thinking - What was the question again? Seminar at the Learning and Professional Development Research Unit. Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, 2nd December 2009

Hilsdon, J. (2010) Real Live Learning Keynote address at Partnership: 2010 Learning and Teaching Conference, Friday 9th July at Falmer Campus, University of Brighton

Hilsdon, J. (2011) The evolution of a Learning Development in Higher Education Network – the UK context Keynote address at the Student Learning Development Network of Ireland, January 21st 2011, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

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Hilsdon, J. (2014) “Write, review and publish with us!” – a workshopwith the JLDHE editors. 11th ALDinHE Conference: Learning Development Spacesand Places, April 2014, Huddersfield University. 

Hilsdon, J. (2014) Presence is Everything: Giving Feedback to Writers Online: An International and Virtual Conference, 26th June 2014, Oxford Brookes University

Hilsdon, J. (2014) Can LD tell us about HE? Why is it assumed to be well placed to do this? IHC / EdD Postgraduate Research Conference, 28th June 2014, Plymouth University.

Hilsdon, J. (2014) Evaluating the Impact of Academic Language and Learning Interventions. Keynote talks for the AALL Regional Symposia: Victoria University, Melbourne November 2014; and University of South Australia, Adelaide, December 2014.

Hilsdon, J. (2015) Assessing the Impact of the Work of Learning Specialists. Keynote talk to the Learning Specialists Association of Canada, Guelph, Ontario, May 2015.

Hilsdon, J. and Mayer, M. (2015) An exploration of the potential of learning development to demystify student learning Celebrate Learning event, Bournemouth University, May 2015. 

Additional information

Member of the University of Plymouth’s Teaching Learning and Quality Committee

Coordinator, Royal Literary Fellowship, University of Plymouth, 2005 - present

External Reviewer, Student Counselling Service, Trinity College, Dublin (2005)  

Certified Examiner for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 1999 – 2005 

Reviewer for SEDA Journal ‘Innovations in Education and Teaching International’ 2006 - present 



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