Dr Jody Patterson

Dr Jody Patterson

Visiting Research Fellow in Art History

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)




PhD, University College London, 2009

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, 2009

Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in American Art, Ecole normal supérieure, 2009-2011

Teaching Fellow, University College London / Slade School of Fine Art, 2005-2008



Professional membership

Association of Art Historians

College Art Association

British Association of American Studies

Association of American Studies



Teaching interests

American Art and Culture of the 19th and 20th Centuries

International Modernism

Art and Politics

State Culture during the 1930s



Research interests

Visual Arts and Cultural Politics in the United States

International Mural Painting and Public Art

New Deal Art Programmes 

State Art and Culture during the 1930s




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Modernism for the Masses: Painters, Politics, and Public Murals in 1930s New York (in preparation).


‘Meyer Schapiro, Marxism, and Modernism in the US,’ ArtHistories, Cultural Studies and the Cold War, eds Grant Pooke,Ben Thomas (forthcoming Ashgate Publishing).

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Other Publications

Book reviews

'American Artists Against War, 1935-2010,' Journal of AmericanHistory, 103.2 (2016): 512-513.

'The Writing on the Walls,' Art History 34.1 (February2011): 203-208.

'Fernand Léger: Paris-New York,' The Art Book 16.3(August 2009): 25-27.

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