Dr Jennie Winter

Dr Jennie Winter

Associate Professor and Head of Educational Development

Educational Development (Library and Educational Development)


  • Awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy 2016
  • Awarded Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy 2019
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HIgher Education (PGLTHE) Awarded 2010
  • PhD, Stewards of the Earth? Teenagers' Environmental Attitudes and Lifestyles in Devon (UK) and Malaga (Spain) Awarded 2008
  • PGDip Social Research, University of Plymouth 2003
  • BA Hons (first class) Geography and Information Technology, College of St Mark and St Johns, 2001

Professional membership

I am a member of the following organisations:

  • The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EUAC)
  • The Environmental Sustainability Education Network (ESER)

Roles on external bodies

  • I am a member of the Research and Scholarship Committee for SEDA (The professional association for staff and educational developers in the UK) 
  • I hold Editorial Board Membership with the Journal of Geography in Higher Education (JGHE) and Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI)

Teaching interests

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Education Development
Research Informed Teaching
Research methods

Research interests

Research interests:

I have a number of related research interests including education for sustainable development, e-learning, evaluating teaching in universities, higher education provision, widening participation and inclusivity, arts pedagogies and learning development.

Research funding:

  • Chapman, S. and Winter, J. (2013) Using a contemporary art gallery to enhance student learning. Funded by HEA
  • Cotton, D. Winter, J. and Bailey, I. (2012) Energy literacy in Higher Education. Plymouth University. TFAS award
  • Cotton, D. Winter, J. Jagger-Thomas, R. and Beahan, L. (2014) Unconscious Bias: Promoting a culture change in higher education. TFAS award 
  • Cotton, D. Winter, J. and Dyer, A. (2009) A Sustainable Campus? Students’ Perspectives of Informal Learning about Sustainability. TFAS award
  • Kneale, P. Winter, J. Turner, B. and Spowart, L. (2015) Higher Education Academy. Evaluating teaching development in Higher Education: towards impact assessment. Funded by HEA
  • Spowart, L., Nieve, H., Winter, J., Turner, R. and Rowe, J. (2017) Evaluating the impact of Postgraduate Clinical Education Programmes in the South West. Funded by PedRIO
  • Winter, J. (2014a) Developing a single site resource for inclusivity. Information and Guidance. Inclusivity Developments Award  
  • Winter, J. (2014b) Mature students: developing a support resource. Inclusivity Developments Award 
  • Winter, J. and Chapman, S. (2013) Public Arts as Interdisciplinary and Extra-Curricular Learning. TFAS award 
  • Winter, J. and Chapman, S. (2014) Teaching and learning in the Peninsula Arts Gallery. TFAS award 
  • Winter, J. and Chapman, S. (2014) SEDA. Using a university arts gallery to enhance the student learning experience. Funded by SEDA
  • Winter, J. and Cotton, D. (2012) Transformative learning for sustainability in HE: Exploring diverse student experiences. Funded by PedRIO
  • Winter, J., Cotton, D. and Mun, W-L. (2014) PedRIO. Chinese perceptions of sustainability and implications for teaching business. Funded by PedRIO
  • Winter, J. and Turner, R. (2017) Course Reps and Representation of the Student Voice. Funded by PedRIO
  • Winter, J., Turner, R. and Gedye, S. (2013) Emerging Academic Identities of Postgraduate Teaching Assistants. TFAS awad
  • Winter, J. and Searls, C. (2014) Exploring the epistemological and practical experiences of Arts practitioners when engaging with an Educational Development programme. TFAS award

 Peer Reviewed Publications:

Winter, J. Turner,R., Spowart, L. and Kneale, P. (2019). Planning future CPD. What comes next? Doinga Good Job Well. BeingRecognised as an Experienced, Professional Teacher in HE. Eds Potter, J. andTurner, R. SEDA Special 41.

Spowart, L.Winter, J., Turner, R.,Burden, P., Botham, K., Muneer, R., van der Sluis, H, and Huet, I.(2019) ‘Left with a titlebut nothing else’: The challenges of embedding professional recognition schemesfor teachers within higher education institutions. Higher Education Researchand Development. 

Cotton,D.,Winter, J.,Miller, W. and Dalla Valle, L. (2017) Is students’ energy literacy related to their university’s position in asustainability ranking?  EnvironmentalEducation Research. DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13504622.2017.1395394

Spowart, L., Winter, J., Turner, R., Muneer, R., McKenna, C.& Kneale, P. (2017) ‘Evidencing the impact of teaching-related CPD: beyondthe ‘Happy Sheets’. InternationalJournal for Academic Development.

Winter, J., Turner, R., Spowart, S. Muneer, R. and Kneale, P.(2017) Evaluating academic development in the higher education sector: Academicdevelopers’ reflections on using a Toolkit resource. Higher Education Researchand Development.

Turner, R., Spowart, l., Winter, J., Muneer, R., &Kneale, P. (2016). 'The lecturer should know what they are talking about': SUOfficers perceptions of teaching-related CPD and implications for practice.Innovations in Education and Teaching Special Issue: Evaluation. Pp 1-9

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Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations:

Spowart, L., Turner, R., Winter,J., Muneer, R. and Kneale, P. (2015). Evaluating teaching-related CPD in theUK: Time to take stock. Paper presented at the SRHE Annual Conference,Celtic Manor, Newport, 9-11th December 2015.

Turner, R., Winter, J., Spowart,L., Muneer, R. and Kneale, P. (2015). Never the twain shall meet? Studentinvolvement in staff CPD. Paper presented at the SEDA Annual Conference2015, St David’s Hotel and Spa, Cardiff, 19-20th November 2015.

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Reports & invited lectures

  • Winter, J. (2019) Innovative Education and Personalised Learning. Keynote speech at the Chinese Higher Education Development Annual Conference. Changchun. China. September 20-23.
  • Winter, J. (2019) Developing Teaching Excellence through a Fellowship Model. Keynote speech at the 4th Eurasia Faculty Development Forum. Eurasia University, Xian, China. May 25
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  • Winter, J. (2012) Education for Sustainability: Pedagogy and Employability. National workshop event for SEDA, London, 20 July 2012.

Conferences organised

University of Plymouth Post Graduate Symposium 2007 (2-3 March)

Conference Sessions

  • 'Sustainability Education and the University Campus' Session convened at the PedRIO annual conference. Plymouth University. April 2013
  • Winter J, Cotton D & Watton P (2013) 'Lessons learnt: Supporting the Access Agreement at Plymouth University' Vice Chancellor's Conference on Teaching and learning. Plymouth University, UK 28 June 2013