Mr Javier Cuetos Bueno

Mr Javier Cuetos Bueno

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I am a PhD student doing research on small-scale tropical fisheries with Dr. Anthony Knights. I am also a fisheries scientists at The Nature Conservancy, leading its fisheries strategy across Micronesia.

I have been doing coral-reef ecology and fisheries research in across the tropical Pacific since 2009, prior to TNC under the umbrella of Pacific Marine Resources Institute and as a post-graduate researcher at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory. I have worked alongside regional researchers and stakeholders and have developed a solid understanding of the issues currently confronting marine resources and societies across the tropical Pacific, while also exploring science-based management solutions for these issues.

Examples of research work include: (i) estimations of historical trends in fisheries landings, (ii) modeling fishing impacts on fish assemblages and their ecosystem functionality, (iii) assessing the impacts of regional/global socioeconomic factors on small-scale fisheries, and (iv) development of electronic fisheries-dependent monitoring methodologies. Drawing from my multidisciplinary background, I approach these themes from a combined ecological/socioeconomic perspective, providing for scientifically-sound and defendable practical solutions to current conservation issues.

I graduated with a Master Degree from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2011 in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, and a Bachelor’s Degree from UC San Diego/University of Barcelona in 2009 Environmental Sciences.


Master Degree from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (2011)

Bachelor’s Degree from UC San Diego/University of Barcelona in Environmental Science (2009)



Research interests


Coral-reef ecology

Marine Conservation




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