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Professor Janusz Jankowski

Honorary Professor

Faculty of Health



2013-         Associate Dean for Research 

              1. Lead for Medical School Research Excellence Framework

              2. Chair of Research Strategy Advisory Committee

              3. Director of Strategic Alliance in Gastroenterology

              4. Co-Lead for Genomics Health Strategy

              5. Lead for PSMD Research Engagement with Regional Partners

               6. Director of Research Mentoring for Medical School

Previous Roles

2012-2013   Sir James Black Professor, Queen Mary, University of London

2002-2013   Consultant in Gastroenterology, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

2005-2012   Honorary Professor and James Black Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

2002-2005   Executive Professor of Medicine (Head of Gastroenterology), University of Leicester

1995-2002   Titular Professor, University of Birmingham

1994-1996   Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

1991-1994   Clinical Fellow (ICRF) and Lecturer, University of London

1988-1991   Specialist Registrar and Honorary Lecturer, University of Dundee

1987-1988   Registrar in Medicine, University of Glasgow


M.B. Ch.B.  University of Glasgow, 1983

M.Sc.      Linacre College, University of Oxford, 2009

M.D.        University of Dundee, 1995

Ph.D.      Imperial College, University of London, 1996

Professional membership

F.R.C.P.E.,   Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, 1999
F.R.C.P.,     Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, London, 2000
F.A.C.G.,     Fellowship of the American College of Gastroenterology, Bethesda, 2007
A.G.A.F.,     American Gastroenterology Association Fellow, Bethesda, 2012
Certificate of Specialist Register, GMC, Medical Practitioner (GI and Medicine), 1997

Selected HONOURS, AWARDS and PRIZES including; 
Clinical Training Fellowship Imperial Cancer Research Fund 1991 
Sir Avery Jones Gold Medal British Society of Gastroenterology 1994 (youngest recipient) 
Betz Clinical Fellowship University of California, San Francisco 1995 
Honorary Professor Gastrointestinal Oncology, University of Oxford 2004-7 
Senior Gastrointestinal Fellowship American College of Gastroenterology 2007 
James Black Senior Fellowship University of Oxford 2008-12 
Honorary Professor Preventive Medicine QMC, University London 2008-11 
Academy of Educators American Gastroenterology Association 2011–14 
Senior Gastrointestinal Fellowship American Gastroenterology Association 2012 
Honorary Professor Health Sciences, DeMontfort University 2012-15 
UK Fellow Elected British Medical Journal Board of Fellows 2013-2015 

Roles on external bodies

Chair of National Institute of Clincial Excellence Gastrointestinal Advisory Group
Chair of British Society of Gastroenterology Pastoral Care Committee
Chair of British Society of Gastroenterology Gastrointestinal Cancer Diagnosis and Prevention Group
Executive Member of International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus Committee
Member of Academic Medical Committee Royal College of Physicians London



Teaching interests




Gatrointestinal Cancer Prevention



1. Trained Educationalist; ‘Charter Educator’ American Gastroenterology Association & Executive on Academic Committee, Royal College of Physicians. Senior Mentor Wolfson College, Oxford. 

2. Senior Curriculum Educationalist; Dental Course Senior Medical Tutor, University of Birmingham, Chair of Education Committee, British Society of Gastroenterology, UK and Educational/Clinical Supervisor.

3. Expert in Continuing Medical Education; Chair of NICE GI Guidelines Committee, Principal Organiser and Training Faculty Executive of many successful National and International Post Graduate Courses.

4. Editor Key Reference Textbooks; Gastrointestinal Oncology: A Critical Multidisciplinary Approach. Eds Jankowski JA, et al. Blackwell, Oxford, 2008 ISBN: 140512783, 954 pages. World Best Selling Book ; “editor is congratulated on a exceptional array of international experts” - Reuters NY.

5. Editor Pocket Handbooks; GI Oncology Handbook: for students and experts. Eds Jankowski J & HawkE. Wiley-Blackwells London 2012 ISBN: 9780470656242, 278 pages. World Best Selling Book ; ‘a superb up-to-date and easy to read resource’ - M Ferguson Chicago.



Research interests


Implications for Health:
 Identification and testing of targets for global screening and development

Citations; 30/07/13

Google Scholar ‘h-index’ of 50 and Thomson Reuters Web of Science 'h-index' 40+

Cited > 8,500 times 

‘i100-index 21’, 21 cited over 100 times 

 ‘i10- index’ of 123, 123 papers cited at least 10 times 

IMPACT from PAST WORK. We were the first group (in collaboration)to identify/create; 

A. Basic science; elucidation of GI stem cells, their progeny and theirexpansion 
 GI Stem Cell site and regulation, Lancet 2000, Cancer Res 2008 andGastroenterology 2013 
ii. Stem Cell Plasticity & Polyclonality of metaplasia Gut2008/2012, Gastroenterology 2008/2011 
iii. Clonal Expansion Mechanism in normal colon PNAS 2006 &colitis Gastroenterology 2009 

B. Translational science; elucidation of oesophagitis metaplasiaadenocarcinoma sequence & inherited versus somatic geneticinfluence 

i.  Over-expression of EGF Receptor family in oesophagitis Gut 1992and Am J Pathol 1999 
ii. Gastrin Remodels Mucosa via Cadherins Gastroenterology 2003,Cancer Res 2004 & Gut 2010 
iii. TNF a induced b - -catenin signalling Am J Pathol 1998,Lab Invest 1999 & Oncogene 2002 

i. EGFR Mutations are prognostic but not predictive in Barrett’smucosa Clin Cancer Res 2006 
ii. Cadherin Mutations; rare & prognostic Lab Invest 1998 HumMol Gen 1999 & Nat Genetics 2009 
iii. Genome Wide Analysis of Barrett’s risk genes highlightscatenin signalling Nat Genet 2012 

C. Clinical research; created large ‘pathfinder trials’ for the clinicalcommunity to exploit 
 Setting Clinical Standards Am J Gastroenterol 2007 & 2008,Gastroenterology 2002, 2004 & 2006 
ii. Large Intervention Trials (AspECT, WASP, COG, ChoPIN), linkinggenetics & biology BMJ 2010 
iii. Largest International Consensus groups including BADCAT (100+people) Gastroenterology 2012 

Major Collaborations: includes Cambridge, Oxford, Rotterdam and McMaster Canada. 

Clinical Expertise: Consultant Physician for 18 years and recognised World Expert in Upper GI disease. 

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

A Nicholson PhD University of Oxford 2012

Grants & contracts

Grants Held in last 20 years: 

Cancer Research UK, 

Health Technology Assessment,NHS, 

Medical Research Council, 

Wellcome Trust, 


Total £12m ~ £300,000/yr over 2 decades 



Conferences organised

Since 2008

National GI SpR Training Oxford Grand Rounds Oxford, 2006 - 8 (soleorganiser)

National GI Cancer Prevention meeting, Oxford, 2007 (sole organiser)

National Endoscopy Research Day, London, 2007 (joint organiser)

GI Chemoprevention, American Gastroenterology Association, Boston 2007(joint organiser)

International Association for Gastrointestinal Oncology, Oxford, 2008(co-organiser)

Intern’l Society for Diseases of the Esophagus, Budapest, 2008(programme committee)

Nat’l Cancer Research Network Upper GI Cancer Prevention Sept 2010(sole organiser)

Intern’l Society for Diseases of the Esophagus, Japan, 2010 (programmecommittee)

British Society of Gastroenterology, Education and Programme Committee2009-11

Intern’l Society for Diseases of the Esophagus, Italy, 2012 (programmecommittee)

Nat’l Cancer Research Network Upper GI Cancer Prevention April 2012(sole organiser)

Advances in GI Cancer Meeting, London 2012 (sole organiser)

World Gastroenterology Organisation 2013 (programme committee)

Other academic activities

International Status

Over 20 years I have secured ~£25m (£12m personally held) in grants and also helped secure £50m in infrastructure bids. I have >116 highly cited papers including Nature Genetics (Reuters h-index 40+, 1000+ citations/year and was one of the top published world Gastroenterologists in 2012). 

Executive Leadership 
I currently deliver Leadership, both Regionally (Devon, Cornwall and Somerset) and Faculty-Wide, in many roles especially strategy, recruitment (including as Lead of GI and Genomics networks), enterprise with NHS/Academic Research Partnerships (CLAHRC) and Deputy Lead for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) as Assistant Dean for Research to the University of Plymouth. 
I previously established Leadership Institute-Wide as Head of the GI Oncology Unit and as Co-Director of the AZ Alliance University of Oxford 2006 – 8. I redesigned services creating a £1.5m molecular pathology laboratory and used entrepreneurial skills to help fund a Biomedical Research Infrastructure. 
As Head of Department of Medicine and Gastroenterology, University of Leicester 2002 – 05 I increased research productivity by ~ 500% and grants by ~ 2500% and as School Board Executive, I initiated the Clinical Trials Unit. 
As Head of Department of Gastroenterology, University of Birmingham 1996 – 01 I increased the research productivity by ~ 350% and grants ~ 500%. 

Educational Leadership
I improved the National Strategy for new drug use as well as commissioning new guidelines as Chair of the NICE Acute/Chronic Diseases Panel. As Chair of the NCRN Cancer Prevention Committee I led changes in the National Strategy of clinical research and organisational service delivery. 
I delivered Leadership in a Collegiate fashion at the National level, 2002 – 12. Specifically as an awarded ‘Charter Educator’ and Chair of BSG Education and Programme Committee I helped redesign the syllabus and led successful strategies for increased attendance at national meetings and edited several of the major textbooks in my field. 
As Senior Educator I co-led the Medical Teaching and Examination of the Medical content of the Dental Course, University of Birmingham 1996-02. 

International Leadership
I designed and lead several Large Research Consortia in the UK especially the Directorship of the Esophageal Gene Consortia (EAGLE) and the Aspirin Esomeprazole Chemoprevention Trial (AspECT). These groups are some of the largest World Research Infrastructures (200 + centres) contributing to our 26,000 patient analyses in a Nature Genetics report showing SNPs associated with Barrett’s oesophagus and have acted as a template for the Comprehensive Local Research Networks. 
Furthermore as a member of the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortia 2 Executive I have helped drive the management of 13 different groups in a £50m programme resulting in ~11 papers in Nature series Journals. 

I also lead the largest Evidence Based Medicine Teams in GI Medicine (the only Non Government GI team ever to get approved by ‘NHS evidence’). Examples of the latter have been Directorships of both the ‘BADCAT’ and ‘BOBCAT’ Consortia. 

Additional information

1.   NICE/NHS Evidence Accreditation of BADCAT Systemic Review

2.  Largest European Reflux Charity citing ChOPIN trial

3.  Cancer Research UK increased rates of Oesophageal Cancer 4.  BBC news on value of aspirin chemoprevention

5.  BBC Radio Leicester interview on Barrett’s Esophagus and how to prevent cancer

6.  Science Page on Genomics of Barrett’s Esophagus

7.  Science Page on the safety of proton pump inhibitor drugs

8.  BBC inside Health - Genomics of Reflux Disease and Barrett’s Esophagus

9. BBC interview case notes - whether to take aspirin

Pro Bono. I have a strong caring and community spirit and lead several successful Charities e.g. FORT. 

Mentoring. As Chair of the BSG Pastoral Care Committee and also as a trained EGAN Mentor to National Bodies I am leading changes in organisation and infrastructure support for employees (students & senior faculty). Regionally I am also driving Academic Mentoring according to the guidelines of the RCP.