Ms Jane Collings

Ms Jane Collings

Education Developer

Teaching & Learning Support


I have 30 years’ experience of leading Teaching  and  Learning  innovation across  a range of sectors including in HEIs, further education, charities, schools  work- based, youth and adult learning.  I have managed  Teaching and  Learning  projects, evaluated  externally funded projects, designed and facilitated staff development programmes, and developed a wide range of staff and student resources.

Since 1998  I have led  educational innovation projects  at both  Exeter and Plymouth Universities. These have included projects on employability, work experience and work based learning, widening participation, internationalisation, assessment , feedback and  inclusive  pedagogies.

Current Roles

  • Project  team lead for the Employability Jigsaw Project
  • Project lead for Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Supporting the embedding of the Curriculum Enrichment Project
  • Management of  the Teaching and Learning website and handbook
  • Educational development through data analytics and targeted intervention and support 
  • Coordinator for the  Inclusivity Development Projects. Learning Support and Wellbeing



The first educational initiative I managed was in 1979 was for the Manpower Services Commission a pre-curser to Youth Training Scheme.  This was in the context of land–based industries based at Dartington Hall. 

In 1987 I became an external consultant focusing on designing, developing and delivering programmes in the context of education and work place learning with adults, youth and returners to learning and the workplace. During this time I developed and delivered management and leadership programmes in a range of education and charitable organisations and taught on teaching and learning programmes for educators in FE and work place learning. 

The Dearing Report (1997) led me into working in the Higher Education.  My experience of working on the ‘education and work divide’ offered  Exeter and Plymouth universities  a skill set that was required to implement the requirements of Dearing.

Since 1998 I have worked as external consultant at Exeter and Plymouth leading a range of projects examples of which are in the above case studies. In 2013   I took a part time post working with the Pro-Vice Chancellor Teaching  & Learning and  continue to work as an external consultant  developing  leadership and governance in Devon schools.

Academic qualifications

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Learning and Development 
  • B.Ed. Hons. Tertiary Education
  • Certificate of Education - Further Education

Qualifications relating to further education & work-based learning

  • Assessors Award
  • Internal Verifiers Award
  • Evaluating Practice
  • Youth Trainer Award
  • Instructors Award


Professional membership

  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy  ( SFHEA)
  • Member Institute for Learning ( MIfL)

Teaching interests

  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Employability
  • Inclusive pedagogies
  • Inclusive Assessment
  • Group work
  • Participative teaching and learning  
  • Leadership and management
  • Governance
  • Workplace learning skills

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Other academic activities

1998 -2002
Project manager of the highly successful DfEE project ( £250,000) ‘Learning from Independent Work’   at Exeter & Plymouth Universities.  The outcomes included a commitment from both universities enabling students non -degree related work experience be recognised with an accreditation framework.
2000 – 2002
Project manager of the 2 year extension ‘Learning from Independent Work’ project at Exeter and Plymouth Universities. This DfEE fund ( £97,000)  enabled further  embedding of credit –bearing modules that  accredited   work experience into the academic curriculum.
2001- 2005   
I sat on the newly formed  Exeter Employability Committee . My role was to advise on accreditation of   work experience and work related learning .I contributed to the Employability and T&L Strategies.
2001  -2006
 I assessed, administered the Exeter University  IWE modules , led staff development workshops  and chaired the examination boards 
I designed  and was module lead for the Exeter University  ‘Independent Work Experience modules’  . These were developed at 10, 20 & 30 credits in 15 programmes.