Dr Jacob Bedford

Dr Jacob Bedford

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Post-doctoral Researcher


PhD Marine Science
The University of Plymouth (2015-2019)

MBiolSci Biology with Conservation and Biodiversity
The University of Sheffield (2011-2015)

Research interests

My research is contributing to our understanding of the influence of large scale climate variability and climate change on plankton communities. Specifically, I am looking at the application of this understanding of climate-driven community change to the development of pelagic indicators for the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and the use of these indicators in ecosystem assessments.

Selim, S.A, Blanchard, J.L., Bedford J., and Webb TJ (2014) Direct and indirect effects of climate and fishing on changes in coastal ecosystem services: a historical perspective from the North Sea. Regional Environmental Change 1-11.