Dr Irina Neaga

Dr Irina Neaga


Lecturer in logistics teaching international supply chains and logistics systems analysis, and modelling using discrete event systems simulation.   
MBA top up Programme Manager.

Researcher undertaking advanced studies on information, and knowledge management strategies and associated big data mining techniques and methodologies applied to support collaborative and humanitarian logistics, and global supply chain operations. 
Personal and Placement tutor. 
PhD Supervisor / Director of Studies


PhD (full-time study) Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, 2003. 

Postdoctoral Studies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laval University, Québec, Canada, 2004.

Postgraduate Qualification in Academic Practice, Plymouth University, Plymouth, 2014.

BSc. and MSc. (full-time study) Department of Automatic Control and Computers (software engineering) of "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Iasi, Romania, 1981. 

Previous Roles:

2006 - 2013 Researcher, Loughborough University (School of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering Innovation Centre, and School of Business and Economics), Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
2010 –  2013  Visiting Lecturer (NISSI Foundation Fellowship),  Department of Production, Vaasa University and Hanken School of Economics, Vaasa, Finland.
2005 – 2006 PostDoctoral Researcher, Co-operative Information Management, Human Computer Studies, Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2003 – 2004 Project Researcher for the Consortium in E-Business in the Forest Products Industry, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laval University, Québec, Canada at http://www.forac.ulaval.ca/index.php?id=374&type=98&no_cache=1&L=1
1992 ‑ 2014 Assistant / Lecturer / Visiting Lecturer, "Gh. Asachi" Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Equipment Design and Manufacture, Department of Manufacturing , Iasi, Romania.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

1.  Oyemomi, F., Liu, S. and Neaga, E.I. (2016) “How knowledge sharing and business process contribute to organizationalperformance: using the fuzzy-set QCA approach” Journal of Business Research Elsevier (in press)

2.    Neaga, E.I. and Hao, Y. (2014) "A HolisticAnalysis of Cloud Based Big Data Mining" in International Journal ofDevelopments in Big Data and Analytics, Vol. 1 (1), 2014, pp. 60—68.

3.     Neaga, E.I. and Gheorghe, A.(2012) “A ‘System of Systems’ Standardized Architectural Approach Driven byCloud Computing Paradigm” in the InternationalJournal of System of Systems Engineering, Vol. 3(2), 2012, pp.103-116.  Inderscience Ltd.

4   Addo-Tenkorang, R., Zhu, L., Neaga, E.I., and Marasová, D. (2012)“Supply chain efficiency of environmentally friendly microalgae-based biodieselproduction” in The International Journal of Transportation and Logistics, ISSN 1451-107X

5.    Neaga, E.I., Henshaw, M. (2011) “AStakeholder-Based Analysis of the Benefits of Network Enabled Capability” in Defense & SecurityAnalysis, Vol. 27(2), pp. 119–134, Taylor & Francis Ltd.

6.    Neaga, E.I.,Hassan, T. M., Carter, C.D. (2008) “The Development of Policy Recommendations for Enhanced Legal Support to ICT: The Roadmapping Approach of LEGAL-IST Project”, special report in the Journalof International Commercial Law and Technology ( JICLT), DOAJ, ISSN 1901-8401, pp. 207-221.

7. Neaga,E.I., Harding, J.A., Lin, H.K. (2007) “Towards a Meaningful Manufacturing EnterpriseMetamodel: A Semantic driven Framework”, in the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Vol. 221(B3), pp. 499-512.

8.    Neaga, E.I., Harding, J.A. (2005) “An Enterprise Modeling and Integration Framework based on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining”, in International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 43(6), 1089-1108, ISSN print 0020-7543, online 1366-588X, Taylor&Francis Ltd.


Book Chapters

1.  Oyemomi, F., Liu, S. and Neaga, E.I. (2015) “The Contribution of Knowledge Sharing to Organizational Performance and Decision Making: A Literature Review” in Lectures Notes in Business Information Processing Decision Support Systems IV, Information and Knowledge Management in Decision Processes Euro WorkingGroup Conferences, EWG-DSS 2014, Toulouse, France, and Barcelona, Spain, 2014, Revised Selected and Extended Papers, Editors: Linden, I., Liu, S., Dargam, F., Hernández, J.,Springer Verlag, pp. 1-13.  
2.   Neaga, E.I., Liu, S., Xu, L.Chen, H. and Hao, Y. (2015) “Cloud Enabled Big Data Business Platform for Logistics Services: A Research and Development Agenda” in Lectures Notes in Business Information     Processing  Decision Support Systems V – Big Data Analytics for Decision Making, Springer Verlag,     pp. 22-33 at: http://www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319185323
3.   Coombs,C.R., Doherty, N.F., Neaga, E. I. (2013) “Measuring and Managing the Benefits from IT Projects: A Review and Research Agenda” in Transforming Field and Service Operations Methodologies for Successful Technology-Driven Business Transformation. Owusu, G., O’Brien, P., McCall, J., Doherty, N. (Eds.) Springer  Verlag, pp. 257-269, ISBN 978-3-642-44969-7.

4.     Neaga, E.I. (2013) “A Digital Infrastructure for Green Utility Computing: The Preliminary Holistic ResearchAgenda” in Cloud Computing (eds. Mazin Yousif, Lutz Schubert) Lecture Notes of the Institute of Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunication Engineering, Volume 112, 2013, pp. 62-71, Springer ISBN978-3-319-03873-5.

5.   Neaga, E.I. and Hassan, T.M. (2009) “Architecting a Legal Knowledge Framework” book chapter in“Intellectual Capitalism and ICT Law Administration:Developing the Knowledge Industry” (Fernando Barrio, editor) IGI Global, 2009.

6.    Neaga, E.I. (2007)“Semantics Enhancing Knowledge Discovery and Ontology Engineering using Mining Techniques: A Crossover Review” book chapter IX in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: Challenges and Realities with Real World Data, Zhu, X., Davidson, I.(eds.) Premier Reference Source Idea Group Inc., pp. 163-188, ISBN 978-1-59904-252-7.

 Conference Papers

1.      Neaga, E.I., Liu, S., Xu,L. Chen, H. and Hao, Y. (2015) Cloud Enabled Big Data Business Platform for LogisticsServices: A Research and Development Agenda in the Proceedings of the First International Conference, ICDSST 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, May 27-29, 2015,Proceedings Editors: Delibašić, B., Hernández,J.E., Papathanasiou, J., Dargam, F., Zaraté,P., Ribeiro, R., Liu, S., Linden,I. 

2.   Neaga, E.I. and Liu, S. (2014) The Knowledge Management Context of Cloud based BigData Analytics, in the Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Santarem, Portugal, September 2014, pp. 1339-1343.

3.      Neaga, E.I. and Hao, Y.(2013) "Towards Big Data Mining and Discovery" the Best Paper Award for Innovation, Knowledge Innovation and Enterprise Conference, Big Data Event, London, Sept 2013, KIE Conference Books: Research Papers on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise ©2013, pp.35-44, ISBN 978-1-85924-281-0.

4.     Neaga, E.I. (2012) “A Digital Infrastructure for Green Utility Computing: The Preliminary Holistic Research Agenda” in the Proceedings of the 3rdInternational Conference on Cloud Computing, Wien, September 2012.

5.       Neaga, E.I. (2010)“Managing Knowledge, Complexity and Resilience”, in the Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Portugal, September 2010, pp.717-724.

6.   Neaga, E.I., Henshaw, M.(2010) “Modelling the linkage between Systems Interoperability and Security Engineering” in the Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), June 2010, Loughborough, UK.

Book: Neaga, E.I., Dodun,O. (2003), The Extended Manufacturing Enterprise: An Approach based on Knowledge and Web Technologies, ©Politehnium Publishing House, ISBN 973-621-102-9, Iasi,Romania.

Professional membership

British Academy of Management (BAM)
Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA)

Higher Education Academy (HEA)
Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) 
Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science (CSCSS) Advisory board for R&D Grant  Application

Roles on external bodies

EUREKA/ EuroStars Expert  Evaluator  

FP7 / Horizon2020 Expert /Evaluator - EX2002B085422  

Reviewer for  British Academy, RCUK (EPSRC)  and British Council Newton Fund 

Teaching interests

Supply Chain Management
Systems Analysis, Modelling and Simulation
Risk Management
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Discovery and (Big) Data Mining
Business Information Systems
Information Security Management

Contributed to the following modules:
STO201 International Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (module leader)
MAR704: Logistics, Supply Chains, Systems and Methods (MIS/MSc)
MAR707: International Supply Chain Systems (master level)
BS0205SU Introduction to Operations Management
PDP100: Personal Development Planning, stage 1

Staff serving as external examiners

Faculty of Business and Law, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds,  2016- present
Department of Electric Engineering of University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2010-2015

Research interests

Collaborative Humanitarian Logistics: Models and IT Support Systems
Business computing, and associated cloud based services 
Enterprise systems, information, knowledge modelling and (big) data mining
Supply chain resilience and cyber / information security risks
Engineering and Management of Complex Systems of systems
Research Methods and Systemic / Holistic Thinking

Other research

Future Research:
Pedagogic Research
The impact of Digital Arts in Contemporary Business
Feminist / Gender Studies http://www.inesweb.org/files/Women%20in%20ICT.pdf

Grants & contracts

Recent Funding:  

1. Santander Gobal University  mobility grant to support collaboration related big data  with Unisinos RS Brasil

2. Travel Grants awarded by UK High Commission in New Zealand, and Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to support collaborative research regarding application of big data,  disaster research and humanitarian logistics in New Zealand, February 2015 - 2016 £5000 

3.    Seed-Corn grant for the development of a network in Europe and India to research issues around global supply chains, business intelligence and cloud computing, 2013. £3000

4.   Technology Strategy Board Grant (Network Security: Information Infrastructure Protection: Managing Complexity, Risk andResilience) as a partner for the project: Integrated model for the management of the complexity, risk and resilience of secure information infrastructure, 2010-2012. £1.6M ( Loughborough University Award £108K) 

5.       Interoperability Management for Large Scale Enterprises: 2011 Funding Source: KTA / EPSRC - £17K

6.   Conference travel and Networking Grants supported by Santander Bank and "IT as a Utility" for contributing to the Conference ECKM2010, Portugal, CloudComp 2012, Austria, ITaaU, among others.

7.       Member of “IT as a Utility” Network+ of the RCUK Digital Economy Network, January, 2012.  

Research groups

  • Centre for Maritime Logistics, Economics and Finance (CEMLEF)

Other academic activities

Reviewer for IEEE including Transactions onAutomation Science and Engineering, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing(Springer US), the International C2 (Command and Control) CCRP Journal andInternational  Journal of ProductionResearch (i.e. Special Issue on Knowledge Management and Supporting Tools forCollaborative Networks), International Journal of Critical Infrastructures (IJCIS) Inderscience,Journal of Decision Systems (Taylor and Francis) and others

EUREKA / Eurostars Technical Expert and Evaluator

FP7/Horizon2020 Expert Evaluator
PhD Internal Examiner

Additional information