Dr Irene Kaimi

Dr Irene Kaimi

Visiting Lecturer

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (NC) (Faculty of Science & Engineering (NC))


Lecturer in Statistics


PhD in Statistics    (2008).
Thesis Topic: Spatial and Spatio-temporal Point Processes, Modelling and Estimation.
Lancaster University, Lancaster,  United Kingdom. 

MSc in Medical Statistics (with distinction)     (2004).
Lancaster University, Lancaster,  United Kingdom.

BSc in Mathematics and Statistics    (2003).
University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

Positions held

Visiting Academic (Lecturer)           (09/2010 to 05/2011).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Honorary Visiting Lecturer              (09/2010 to 08/2013).
Department of Medicine, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom.  

Research Associate                        (04/2009 to 08/2010).
Department of Medicine, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom.
Research area: Spatio-temporal crime surveillance in Lancashire. 

Post-Doctoral Research Associate    (11/2007 to 03/2009).
Department of Medicine, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom. 
Research area: Spatio-temporal analysis of cattle movement data.



Teaching interests

Plymouth University

Statistical Inference and Regression (MATH2602)

Medical Statistics (MATH3614)

Introduction to R (for the graduates school's research development programme)

Mathematical Statistics   (MAST2402)

Skills in Marine Biological Investigation and Experimentation    (MBIO104)

Quantitative Financial Modelling     (STAT208)

Other  teaching

Linear Models II      (01/2011).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus.

Statistical Analysis I   (09/2010 and 01/2011).
For students in the Faculty of Economics and Management,   University of Cyprus.

Member of the teaching team on  "Applied epidemiological methods learning support course:
Longitudinal data, time series and spatio-temporal analytical methods" (06/2010).
Department of Medicine, Lancaster University.

Co-lecturer of  the M.Sc. course on  Spatial Epidemiology  (01/2009 and 01/2010).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University.

Lab demonstrator on  Model-based Geostatistics for practicioners (06/2009).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University.

Posgraduate teaching assistant - Tutor for a number of undegraduate and postgraduate courses (10/2005 to 05/2007).
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University.

Research interests

Methods for the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal point process data.

Time series of count data.

Environmental and biomedical applications including population growth and infectious diseases.

Social statistics, social network analysis.

Kadhem, S., Hewson, P. and Kaimi, I. (2016). Recursive Deviance Information Criterion for the Hidden Markov Model. 
International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 5(1), 61-78.

Mamas, C., Georgenson, J., Kaimi, I. (2016) Social Inclusion in the Classroom. A Mixed-Methods Approach to Researching Friendships and Social Interactions in Mainstream Schools in England and Cyprus. SAGE Research Methods Cases Education.

Kaimi, I. (2014). Discussion of are Statisticians Cold-blooded Bosses? A New Perspective on the Old Concept of Statistical Population by Y. Lu and K. S. S. Henning. Teaching Statistics, 37(1): 26-29.

Kaimi, I. and  Diggle,  P.J. (2011).  A hierarchical model for real-time monitoring of variation in risk of non-specific gastrointestinal infections. Journal of  Epidemiology and  Infection  139 (12): 1854-1862.

Kaimi, I. and  Diggle,  P.J.  and Rodrigues, A. (2010). Analysing the spatio-temporal distribution of crime. In MethodsNews, Newsletter from the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods, Summer 2010 edition.

Diggle, P.J., Kaimi, I.   and  Abellana, R.  (2010).  Partial-likelihood analysis of spatio-temporal point-process data.  Biometrics 66(2):  347-354.

Fokianos, K. and  Kaimi, I.  (2006).   On the effect of misspecifying the density ratio model. Annals of the Insitute of Statistical Mathematics.  58(3): 475-497. 

Book reviews

Kaimi, I. (2015). Understanding Advanced Statistical Methods by Peter Westfall, Kevin S. S. Henning reviewed in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 178(1): 302.

Kaimi, I. (2012). Number Crunching: Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction by Paul J. Nahin reviewed in Leonardo Reviews, 45(5): 494–495.

Conference presentations

ECER, Education and Transition - Contributions from Educational Research,Budapest, Hungary (September 2015). 
 Getting along with peers in mainstream primary schools in England and Cyprus. With Mamas, C. and Georgenson, J.

ECER, The Past, the Present and the Future of Educational Research, Porto, Portugal (September 2014).
Social Inclusion in the Classroom: Applying Social Network Analysis. With Mamas, C. and Georgenson, J.

International Association of Dental Research/PER Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia (September 2014).
Childhood Adiposity and Caries in Plymouth, UK: An Ecological Study. With Paisi, M., Kay, E., Witton, R., Nelder, R, Christophi, C., and Lapthorne, D.

Workshop on Integer Valued Time Series, Protaras, Cyprus.  (June 2011). 
Contributed talk:  Temporal epidemiology using AEGISS data. Hierarchical model to smooth daily incidence of food poisoning cases over time.

NCRM Research Methods Festival, Oxford, UK.      (July 2010). 
Contributed talk:  Modelling the spatio-temporal distribution of reported crime in Lancashire.

PASCAL2 Workshop on Spatio-temporal Modelling,   Edinburgh, UK    (October 2009).
Contributed talk: Analysing the spatio-temporal distribution of crime in Lancashire.

Technical Workshop: Recent developments and future directions in spatial and habitat modelling from cetacean  line transect and related data,  St. Andrews, UK (May 2008).
Invited talk: Bayesian Spatial Modelling of Line Transect Survey Data.

Workshop on Composite Likelihood Methods,   Warwick, UK  (April 2008).
Poster presentation: Partial Likelihood for Spatio-temporal Point Process Data. Awarded prize for best poster.

Probability and Statistics in Science and Technology, Porto, Portugal  (August 2007).
Poster presentation.

Valencia 8 ISBA World Meeting on Bayesian Statistics, Benidorm, Spain (June 2006).
Poster presentation.

Research Students' Conference in Probability and Statistics, Glasgow, UK (March 2006).
Contributed talk.