Helen Nance

Helen Nance

Marine Station Technical Manager

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


I am the Marine Technical Manager based at the Marine Station Coxside. I am responsible for the day to day running of the Marine Station physical resources including boats. I remotely maintain the meteorological equipment situated in the Fitzroy building and installed on the roof of Fitzroy. I am the boat scheduling manager for all the University vessels including the Research Vessel Falcon Spirit and the sailing yacht Take the Helm. This role involves booking taught class sessions and project work time on any of the boats for students and also for research activities. Students use Aquatay and Jojo for diving training and project work. The yacht for Navigation practical exercises and team work, developing leadership skills.
I am a technical manager with a team of seven technical staff working in the marine sciences, maritime studies and support of diving. As well as the permanent technical staff I manage a pool of temporary skippers who work alongside the full time skippers on Falcon Spirit and the two dive boats. We currently have 3 temporary skippers in the pool and they all bring additional skills and experience to the boat.


HNC Information Technology 1990

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow 2002
My Fellowship involved spending four weeks in the USA investigating the provision and use of weather satellites. I spent time at NOAA and NASA Goddard Space Flight centre and Plymouth State University NH.

Teaching interests

The provision and use of weather satellites. Also responsible for maintaining the University's Automatic Weather Station and weather data archive.


Other academic activities

I am now managing the physical resources in the new Marine Station building. This is currently used by Mariine Sciences and Marine Biology staff and students. There is also likely to be an increase in use from other areas like engineering and in student project work . The building was planned and designed with input from a wide group of users.


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