Dr Hayley Craig

Dr Hayley Craig

Research Assistant

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I am a plant and soil ecologist interested in the use of molecular tools to monitor environmental change. I have worked in a range of environments, including mangroves, forests and agricultural, and have experience developing commercial products for monitoring biodiversity using environmental DNA.


PhD Soil ecology, The University of Manchester

MSc Plant sciences, The University of Manchester

BSc Biology, Macquarie University



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Chen J, Cordero I, Moorhead DL, Rowntree JK, Simpson LT, Bardgett RD & Craig H (2022) 'Trade-off between microbial carbon use efficiency and specific nutrient-acquiring extracellular enzyme activities under reduced oxygen' Soil Ecology Letters 5, (2) , DOI Open access
Yang Y, Moorhead DL, Craig H, Luo M, Chen X, Huang J, Olesen JE & Chen J (2022) 'Differential Responses of Soil Extracellular Enzyme Activities to Salinization: Implications for Soil Carbon Cycling in Tidal Wetlands' Global Biogeochemical Cycles 36, (6) , DOI
Drosou K, Craig H, Palmer K, Kennedy SL, Wishart J, Oliveira HR, Civán P, Martin P & Brown TA (2022) 'The evolutionary relationship between bere barley and other types of cultivated barley' Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 69, (7) 2361-2381 , DOI
Craig H, Antwis RE, Cordero I, Ashworth D, Robinson CH, Osborne TZ, Bardgett RD, Rowntree JK & Simpson LT (2021) 'Nitrogen addition alters composition, diversity, and functioning of microbial communities in mangrove soils: An incubation experiment' Soil Biology and Biochemistry 153, 108076-108076 , DOI
Craig H, Kennedy JP, Devlin DJ, Bardgett RD & Rowntree JK (2020) 'Effects of maternal genotypic identity and genetic diversity of the red mangrove <i>Rhizophora mangle</i> on associated soil bacterial communities: A field‐based experiment' Ecology and Evolution 10, (24) 13957-13967 , DOI
Kennedy JP, Craig H, Jara-Cavieres A, Lundy A, Preziosi RF & Rowntree JK (2020) 'Multiplex microsatellite PCR panels for the neotropical red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle: combining efforts towards a cost-effective and modifiable tool to better inform conservation and management' Conservation Genetics Resources 12, (3) 503-513 , DOI
Rowntree JK & Craig H (2018) 'The contrasting roles of host species diversity and parasite population genetic diversity in the infection dynamics of a keystone parasitic plant' Journal of Ecology 107, (1) 23-33 , DOI
de Vries FT, Griffiths RI, Bailey M, Craig H, Girlanda M, Gweon HS, Hallin S, Kaisermann A, Keith AM & Kretzschmar M (2018) 'Soil bacterial networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks' Nature Communications 9, (1) , DOI
Civán P, Craig H, Cox CJ & Brown TA (2016) 'Multiple domestications of Asian rice' Nature Plants 2, (4) , DOI
Civán P, Craig H, Cox CJ & Brown TA (2015) 'Three geographically separate domestications of Asian rice' Nature Plants 1, (11) , DOI