Dr Haya Al-Dajani

Dr Haya Al-Dajani

Associate Professor (Reader) in Entrepreneurship

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Associate Professor (Reader) in Entrepreneurship

Lead: Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Research Group

Principal Investigator: ESRC DFID GRANT ES/N014405/1 and GCRF ESRC AHRC GRANT ES/P004792/1

Co-Chair:  Plymouth University Women's Network


PhD  University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K

MSc  University of Bath, Bath, England, U.K.

BSc (Hons) University of Bath, Bath, England, U.K.

Professional membership

Member of the Editorial Boards of:

International Small Business Journal

International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship

Journal of Family Business Management

Member of the Reviewer Board: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research

Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Roles on external bodies


Member, Global Challenges Research Fund Peer Review College

Honorary Advisor to the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Bennett University - India

Co-Chair, Gender and Enterprise Network, International Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Special Interest Group

Expert panel member at the International Women’s Organisation, Liverpool

Founding Member, UK Women in Family Business Network


Vice Chair, Gender and Enterprise Network, International Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Special Interest Group

Chair, and founding member: Women, Research and Enterprise Forum (WREF)

Member, Governing Body at ATHE (The Management Awarding Organisation)

ResNet Organising Committee member (ResNet is UEA’s female academic and researcher network)

Social Enterprise Champion at University of East Anglia

Member, Diversity and Equality in Careers and Employment Research Group (DECERe) at UEA

Member, East of England Ethnic Minority Enterprise Steering Group, East of England Development Agency (EEDA)

Member, East of England Women’s Enterprise Steering Group, Eastof England Development Agency (EEDA)

Teaching interests

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth

Project Management - Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Staff serving as external examiners

Middlesex University Business School, Department ofInternational Management and Innovation

Research interests

Through the adoption of qualitative research methodologies, my research focus is on entrepreneurship, empowerment and gender in development contexts.  More specifically, my overall research aim is the understanding of the intersectionality of these three dimensions, and their collective impact on economic and social development.  Additional areas of research include refugee entrepreneurship and resilience, and entrepreneurship in higher education.

Grants & contracts


2016 - 2018     Conserving Cultural Heritage: TheResilience of Forcibly Displaced Syrian Artisans in Jordan, ESRC – AHRC (£293,226, PrincipleInvestigator)

2016 - 2019     Poverty Alleviation and Women Refugees in the Middle East: Empowermentthrough Grassroots Micro-Entrepreneurship? ESRC – DfID (£349,171, Principle Investigator)

 2015 – 2017, SOCIAL START UPS - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Talent of Ethical Purchasing Groups, European Union Erasmus+ (Euro 296303, Co-Investigator)

2013-2014, Innovating Theory, Method and Impact in Researching the Gendering of Entrepreneurship, Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (£5,000, Co-Investigator)

2013-2014, Creative Minds – Entrepreneurial Skills, Arts and Humanities Research Council (£52, 508, Co-Investigator)

2010-2012, Creating a ‘No Brainer’ Growth Strategy, New Anglia LEP (£5,000. Co-Investigator)

2010-2012, Art Made Man, European Union: Grundtvig MP TT AMM (Euro 400,000, Co-Investigator)

2010-2012, Business Growth for Micro Enterprises, Norfolk County Council (£45,000).  The developed training model was adopted by the UK National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) in 2013, to deliver business growth programmes to members

2010, Enterprise Development at UEA, Enterprise and Engagement Development Fund at UEA (£15,000)

2010, Business Development for Graduate Enterprise, UEA Annual Fund (£6,000)

2010, Women’s Enterprise  Boosting the Economy, ESRC Social Science Festival (£1650)

2009, The impact of migrant workers on the functioning of labour markets and industrial relations, ESRC Seminar Series (£15,000, Co-Investigator)

2009, Graduate Enterprise Incubation Environments, Enterprise and Engagement Development Fund at UEA (£6,000)

2009, Entrepreneurial Skills and Women Science Researchers at UEA, EPSRC (£5,000)

2009, Outside In: Enterprising Approach to Community Development, ESRC Social Science Festival (£2,000)

2008, Norfolk’s Lifestyle and Graduate Enterprises, Norfolk County Council, (£39,000)

2008, Leadership, Empowerment & Innovation: Female Entrepreneurs, Opportunities and Challenges in a Low Carbon Economy, ESRC Social Sciences Knowledge Transfer Programme (£2,000)

2008, Linking employment opportunities to local skills and knowledge, Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) Great Yarmouth, (£50,000, Co-Investigator)


Journal Articles:

Al‐Dajani, H., Carter, S., Shaw, E. and Marlow,S.,( 2015), Entrepreneurship among the displaced and dispossessed: Exploringthe limits of emancipatory entrepreneuring. BritishJournal of Management26(4),pp.713-730.

Tzokas, N., Kim, Y.A., Akbar, H.,and Al-Dajani, H., (2015) , Absorptive capacity and performance: The role of customer relationship and technological capabilities in high-tech SMEs, Industrial Marketing Management, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.indmarman.2015.02.033

Al-Dajani, H., Dedoussis, E., Tzokas, N and Watson, E., (2014),‘Graduate Entrepreneurship Incubation Environments: A framework of key success factors’, Industry and Higher Education Vol 28(3): 201–213

Al-Dajani, H.,Bika, Z., Collins, L., and Swail, J. (2014), ‘ Guest Editorial: Gender and Family Business: New Theoretical Directions’, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, Vol 6(3): 218-230.

Al-Dajani, H. and Marlow, S. (2013) ‘ Empowerment and Entrepreneurship: A theoretical framework’, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour Research(ABS 2*), Vol.19 (5): 503-524. 

Kim,A. Y, Akbar H., Tzokas N., and Al-Dajani H., (2013), Systems thinking &absorptive capacity in South Korean high-tech SMEs International Small Business Journal (ABS 3*), 0266242613483632 , first published on April 15, 2013 as doi: 10.1177/0266242613483632.

Sang,K., Al-Dajani, H. and Ozbilgin, M. (2013) ‘Frayed Careers of double outsiders:migrant female professors in British Academia’, Gender, Work and Organization (ABS 3*), Vol. 20(2): 1 58–171

Al-Dajani, H. andMarlow, S. (2010) ‘The impact of women’s home based enterprise on marriage dynamics: Evidence from Jordan’, International Small Business Journal (ABS 3*), Vol. 28, Issue 5: pp: 470-487.  Reproduced in Dana, L.P (Ed.) (2015), Asian Entrepreneurship, London: SAGE Publications, ISBN: 9781-4739-1381-3

Hibbert, S., Piacentini, M., Al-Dajani, H. (2003)Understanding volunteer motivation for participation in a community-based food cooperative, International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing (ABS 2*), Vol 8, Issue 1, pp: 30-42.

Piacentini, M., Hibbert, S., Al-Dajani, H. (2001) Diversity in deprivation: exploring the grocery shopping behaviour of disadvantaged consumers, The International Review of Retail,Distribution and Consumer Research (ABS2*), Vol. 11, No. 2, pp: 141-158.


INJAZ Al-Arab Company Program (2015), published in Arabic and English by INJAZ Al-Arab, Amman – Jordan

INJAZ Al-Arab Start Up Program (2014), published in Arabic and English by INJAZ Al-Arab, Amman – Jordan

Helping the Young Traumatized Child:  A Manual for Preschool Teachers, Health and Community Workers (1995), published in Arabic and English by UNICEF - MENA, Amman - Jordan

Book Chapters:

Marlow,S., and Al-Dajani, H., (2016) ‘Critically evaluating contemporaryentrepreneurship from a feminist perspective’, in Essers,C. Dey, P., Tedmanson, D. and Verduyn, K.,  (Eds) Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: ChallengingDominant Discourses in Entrepreneurship, Routledge

Subalova, M., Al-Dajani, H. and Bika, S., (2016) ‘Unilateral Microfinance? The Commercial Roots of Entrepreneurial Diversity’, in Hussain, J. and Scott, J.(Eds) International Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Finance, Edward Elgar

Al-Dajani, H., Carter, S., and C.C Williams (2016) ‘Women’s Resourcefulness in the Informal Economy:  Evidence from Jordan’, inGervais,R.L and Prudence Millear, P.M (Eds) Exploring Resources, Life-Balance and Well-Being of Women Who Work in a Global Context, Springer

Al-Dajani,H. and Marlow, S. (2014) ‘Empowerment, Place and Entrepreneurship’, in Welter,F. and Baker, T (Eds), TheRoutledge Companion to Entrepreneurship, Routledge

Al-Dajani,H. and Marlow, S. (2012) ‘Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship’, in McAdam, M.,(Ed), Routledge series of Master Texts on Entrepreneurship:  Female Entrepreneurship, Routledge.

Al-Dajani,H. (2010), ‘Diversity and Inequality among Women in Employment in the ArabMiddle East Region: A New Research Agenda’, in Özbilgin, M. and Syed, J. (eds) Managing Gender Diversity in Asia: A Research Companion, Cheltenhamand New York: Edward Elgar Press.

Al-Dajani, H. and Carter, S., (2010), ‘Women Empowering Women: Female Entrepreneurs andHome-based Producers in Jordan’, in Brush, C., De Bruin, A., Gatewood, E., andHenry, C., (eds), Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment for Growth,Cheltenham and New York: Edward Elgar Press.

Reports & invited lectures

Research / Project Reports


Enabling Youth Volunteerism for a Better Future inJordan (2015), presented to United Nations Volunteers and British Council - Jordan.


Accelerating the Entrepreneurial Ambition of Arab Youth (2014),presented to Boeing and INJAZ Al-Arab, Amman – Jordan.


Creating a ‘No Brainer’ Growth Strategy (2013),presented to the Economic Equality Group, New Anglia Local Economic Partnership.


The Art Made Man Integrated Methodology (2012), presented to the European Union’s Grundvig Programme.


The Art Made Man Integrated Methodology Trainer Manual (2012), presented to European Union’s Grundvig Programme.


The Business Growth Programme (2012), presented to Norfolk County Council (UK) and the European Union’s Vital Rural Area Project partners.


Graduate Enterprise Incubation Environments (2010), presented to UEA’s Enterprise and Engagement Executive, UK.


Entrepreneurial Skills and Women Science Researchers at UEA (2010), presented to UEA’s Centre for Staff Education and Development.


Igniting an Enterprising Community (2010), presented to RAF Marham Sandringham Enterprise Centre Executive, UK


Norfolk ’s Lifestyle and Graduate Enterprises (2009), presented to the Norfolk County Council, UK



Invited Lectures



Gender and Class at Work Seminar, Panelist at Seminar hosted and funded by University of Birmingham (March).


Impact: Creating and Mobilising Knowledge to Influence How Others Make Sense of the World and Plan Actions…., presentation at GEN Confreat at Leeds University.  Funded by ISBE (July)

Roadmaps Towards the Entrepreneurial University in Jordan, presentation at the British Council, Amman – Jordan (September and November)


Gender and Entrepreneurship Research in Developing Countries:  Methodological Challenges and Opportunities, presentation at a GEN SAMS funded event entitled Innovating Impact: Enhancing Gender and Entrepreneurship Research Excellence in Developing Economies, Norwich (May)



Writing up a Coherent Entrepreneurship PhD, presentation at the Doctoral Day, "Creative industries: think tanks for innovative practices in management, strategy and organization?", 3rd INTERREG CONFERENCE, EM Normandie & University of Southampton, Deauville, France (November)



Creating a ‘No Brainer’ Growth Strategy, presentation to Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Sprowston Manor, Norfolk (October)



Empowerment and entrepreneurship: a theoretical framework – (Haya Al Dajani and Susan Marlow), presentation at Thinkspace on the Gendering of Entrepreneurship:

New Theoretical and Empirical Insights, Gender and Enterprise Network, A SAMS / ISBE event, Manchester (September)


Creating a ‘No Brainer’ Growth Strategy, presentation to the Economic Equality Group, New Anglia Local Economic Partnership, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich (September)



Women’s Micro Enterprise and Growth, expert panel presentation at the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, Corum, Turkey (May)


Emancipatory Entrepreneuring within Impoverished Communities, (Sara Carter, Haya Al-Dajani and Eleanor Shaw), presentation at Advancing European Traditions of Entrepreneurship Studies: A SAMS/ISBE workshop, Leeds, (March)




Emancipatory Entrepreneuring Within the Informal Economy: The Experiences of Displaced Women, presentation at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde (October)


Emancipatory Entrepreneuring and Displaced Women Operating Within the Informal Economy, presentation at Heriot Watt University, (October)


Writing up a PhD - How to coherently present your thesis, presentation at the Doctoral Development Day, International Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) event, University of Hertfordshire (May)


The Realities of Researching Under-Represented Groups in SMEs, keynote presentation at Society of Advanced Management Studies Seminar (SAMS), Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University (March)


Profit Margins, Magazine Article, Norwich Magazine, Norwich, Norfolk



Business Growth and Micro Enterprises, Newspaper Article, Eastern Daily Press, Business Supplement, Norwich, Norfolk


After Eureka, Magazine Article, Norwich Magazine, Norwich, Norfolk



Arab Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Trends, keynote presentation at the House of Lords, London, sponsored by Reading Bee.



Women’s Enterprise and the Current Economy, Newspaper Article, Eastern Daily Press, Business Supplement, Norwich, Norfolk



Women’s Enterprise and the Economic Recession, Radio Interview, BBC Radio Norfolk, Norwich, UK



Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Arab World, keynote presentation at the International Women, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit, Istanbul, sponsored by KAGIDER and the US State Department



Entrepreneurship and Social Change, Newspaper Article, Eastern Daily Press, Business Supplement, Norwich, Norfolk



Women’s Enterprise and Empowerment, presented at CEEDR-Middlesex University Research Seminar series



Arab Women’s Empowerment and Self-Employment, Radio Interview, Future Radio, Norwich, UK