Dr Hannah Stones

Dr Hannah Stones

Lecturer in Law (Technology Law)

School of Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Dr Stones specialises in law for remote-controlled and autonomous ships, using maritime law, technology law and legal theory. 



Teaching interests

Dr Stones currently leads or teaches on:

LLB (Hons) Law

Contract Law



Legal theory: themes and debates

Supervision of dissertations.

Previously taught:

Employment law, family law, practical administrative law, tort law. 

Dr Stones accepts PhD proposals in maritime law and technology law. 



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Stones H (2022) 'How far does skipper's duty of care to technical diver extend? Warner v Scapa Flow Charters [2022] CSIH 25' Lloyd's Shipping & Trade Law 22, (8) 7-8 Open access
Stones H (2022) 'A sufficient connection to Great Britain for maritime employees: Horgan v Chevron Transport Corporation Ltd [2022] UKET 4109707/2021' Lloyd's Shipping & Trade Law 22, (5) 6-8 Open access
Stones H (2022) 'The price of breaking the law: the saga of the P&O Ferries redundancies' Lloyd's Shipping & Trade Law 22, (4) 1-3 Open access
Stones H (2022) 'Limitation of Liabilty: What is an operator? Splitt Chartering APS and Others v Saga Shipholding Norway AS and Others (The “Stema Barge II) [2021] EWCA Civ 1880; [2022] 1 Lloyd's Rep 170' LLoyd's Shipping and Trade Law 22, (1) 9-11 Open access
Stones H (2016) 'Objective and subjective safety in unmanned shipping' Lloyd's Shipping and Trade Law 16, (9) 4-6 Open access
Conference Papers
Stones H (2017) 'Safely Navigating the Oceans with Unmanned Ships' 12th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (TransNav 2017) 6-/-0/2017Gdynia, Poland
Stones H (2017) 'Will the smart ship also be the liable ship?: An analysis of the application of liability to the ship itself' Smart Ship Technology 1-/-0/2017Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London Royal Institution of Naval Architects Publisher Site Open access
Stones H (2016) 'Uncrewed Ships and the Future of Passenger Transport' in Newbery M; Martin NF; Gibson B; Mayon R; Westbury S Sea lines of Communication: Discovery 1-/-1/2016Southampton, United Kingdom University of Southampton Open access
Other Publications
Channon M & Stones H Response to ‘Pathway to driverless cars: consultation on proposals to support advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicles’. Department for Transport Publisher Site Open access
Stones H Safety and Feasibility of Uncrewed Passenger Ships. Open access
Channon M, Stones H, Davey J, Hjalmarsson J & Veal R University of Southampton Law Research Group Response to House of Lords Consultation on Driverless Cars. Open access
Stones H Written evidence submitted by Dr Hannah Stones (MAR0003). UK Parliament Publisher Site Open access
Stones H Written evidence submitted for self-driving vehicles call for evidence (SDV0002). https://committees.parliament.uk/work/6795/selfdriving-vehicles/publications/written-evidence/ UK Parliament Open access