Gwyn Jones

Gwyn Jones

Lecturer in Hydrography

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering)



Post-Graduate Programme Leader - Hydrography
Undergraduate Tutor - Ocean Exploration


BSc (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), with subjects land surveying, geography and geology

MRes (Plymouth) in Sustainable Environmental Management

Fifteen-years industrial experience prior to entering academia, having worked through from trainee hydrographic surveyor with a service provider to client's survey representive for a wide range of marine geophysical, seismic and construction projects. Roles included involvement in the development of the Frigg and Magnus gas/oilfields (North Sea), Petronius (Gulf of Mexico) and with 3D seismic operations and rig moves in the Niger Delta/offshore Nigeria.

Entered University of Plymouth in September 1989, as a senior lecturer in hydrographic surveying. Since entering the university, involved in occassional vacational employment to maintain contact and current awareness of technical developments and practices.

In more recent years became involved in Marine Resource Management, through involvement with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which led to a broadening interest in the area of environmental surveys and to the completion of a Masters of Research in Sustainable Environmental Management.

Professional membership

Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors;

Member of the Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Roles on external bodies

Committee Member, UK Hydrographic Society - South-West Branch (2004 - ongoing).

Past Member of the Geomatics International Faculty Board of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (2003 - 2010).

Past Chairman of the Devon & Cornwall Branch of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(1999-2000).

Past Chairman of the Marine Resource Management Practice Panel of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors(1997-2000).

Past member of Geomatics and Planning & Development Divisional Committees and the Marine Resource Management and Hydrographic Practice Panels of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (variable dates 1991-2000).

Teaching interests

Acoustic positioning systems, multibeam sounding and geophysical surveying;

Offshore application of hydrographic survey

and positioning support, particularly within the hydrocarbon industry;

Nearshore environmental surveys, habitat mapping.

Marine archaeology.

Staff serving as external examiners

External Examiner and Interview Panel Chair for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors 'Approved Professional Competence/Approved Technical Competence' Scheme (ongoing). 
External Examiner for University of Exeter in Cornwall - Camborne School of Mines (2002 - 2006).
External Examiner for University of Portsmouth - MSc Marine Coastal Resources & Management programme (2014-ongoing)

Past external examiner, on behalf of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, for the Royal Navy Hydrographic School - Long Course (1994-2001).

Research interests

Research Interests: Sidescan Sonar and Multibeam Echo Sounding; Habitat Mapping; Accuracy of offshore positioning in all three dimensions (latitude/longitude/elevation), either upon the sea’s surface or seabed; Marine archaeological survey techniques. Having worked in the offshore hydrocarbon industry, I am also interested in ongoing activity in that area and any industrial research areas that might arise from ongoing activity.

Creative practice & artistic projects

Currently attempting to compile bathymetric annd sidescan sonar models of Plymouth Sound and its tributaries, and researching its (sea)bed composition. Data acquisition is ongoing and being achieved in part through student fieldweek acquisition (two area surveys per year).

Also attempting to further studies of the seabed composition in the vicinity of the Scylla Reef (HMS Scylla), from studies before and after its sinking, in March 2004. Initiation of the project has been in conjunction with a MSc Research Dissertation (Jamie Robertson, 2003-4) and Undergraduate Project (Jon Treloar 2004-5), with ongoing periodic surveys following thereafter.

Eames, J., Bailey, M., Jones, G. (2005). A Comparison of Object Detection; Reviewing Analogue/Digital Sidescan Sonar and Swathe Bathymetry (CD), Proceedings of Shallow Survey 2005 Conference, published by The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and Maritime Coastguard Agency (

Jones, G.E., Cumming, R.E. & Hunt, P.R. (2005). The Use of Remote Sensing Techniques for the Location and Investigation of Heritage Wreck Sites, Maritime Heritage and Modern Ports (Ed. R. Marcet i Barbe, et. al.), WIT Press, Southampton, ISBN 1-84564-010-1.

Jones, G.E. (2004). Repeatability in Sustainable Environmental Mapping, Proceedings of Hydro 04 Conference, Hydrographic Society, Galway November 2004.

Jones, G.E. & Glegg, G.E. (2004). Effective Use of Geophysical Sensors for Marine Environmental Assessment and Habitat Mapping, Coastal Environment V, incorp. Oil Spill Studies (Ed. C.A. Brebbia,, WIT Press, Southampton, ISBN 1-85312-710-8.

Jones, G. (2003). Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitat Mapping and Compliance with the E-Directive, Hydrographic Journal, No. 107, January 2003.

Philpott, S.A. & Jones, G. (2001). Reflection of Sound from Submerged Plates and Bottom Backscatter in Shallow Water, Hydrographic Journal, No. 99, January 2001.

Reports & invited lectures

Sediment Sampling - Shallow Water Area One (Inshore Area). Data compiled by J. Eames and report completed and presented by G. Jones, Report prepared for Shallow Survey 2005 Conference, Plymouth, and submitted to joint-organisers The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and Maritime Coastguard Agency, July 2005. Published on the Shallow Survey 2005 Conference CD (

Other academic activities

University of Plymouth Colleges liaison officer for University accredited courses at HMTG, HMS Drake, namely RN Basic Survey and Advance Survey courses.