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Dr Guglielmo Calvini

Visiting Specialist

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)



2003        Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Bristol

1997        BSc/MSc in Psychology, Università degli Studi di Padova



2012 – 2014            Research Fellow, University of Plymouth

2009 – 2011            Lecturer, University of Plymouth

2006 – 2008            Research Associate, Cardiff University

2005 – 2006            Teaching Associate, University of Leicester

2004                       Research Associate, University of Reading

2003 – 2004            Research Associate, Università degli Studi di Genova

Professional membership

Association for Psychological Science

Society for Personality and Social  Psychology

International Social Cognition Network

Teaching interests

PhD students

Jaysan Charlesford

MSc students

Alice Barr

BSc project students

Matthew Cast


Marion Langford

Research interests

Social cognition and affect: Attentional mechanisms in social stereotyping; biases in stereotype formation; cognitive & affective processes in automatic social behaviour

Recent peer-reviewed publications


Calvini, G., Robson, E., & Wyer, N. A. (under review). Boundaries of priming effects on behavior: The role of mood and self-focus. Social Cognition.


Morra, S., Camba, R., Calvini, G., & Bracco, F. (2013). Italians do it better? M capacity measurement and cross-linguistic differences in the Direction Following Task (DFT). Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics, 13(1-2).


Calvini, G., & Wyer, N. A. (under review). Stereotype control mechanisms: Concentration vs. suppression, and the role of metacognitive inferences. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


Le Pelley, M., Calvini, G., & Spears, R. (2012). Learned predictiveness influences automatic evaluations in human contingency learning. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 66(2), 217-228.


Wyer, N. A. & Calvini, G. (2011). Don’t sit so close to me: Unconsciously elicited affect automatically provokes interpersonal avoidance. Emotion, 11(5), 1230-1234.


Le Pelley, M., Reimers, S., Calvini, G., Beesley, T., Spears, R., & Murphy, R. (2010). Stereotype formation, biased by association: Learned predictiveness and stereotyping. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 139, 138-161.


Wyer, N. A., Calvini, G., Miles, N. & Nash, A. (2010). Priming in interpersonal contexts: Implications for affect and behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36(12), 1663-1705.


Wyer, N. A., Mazzoni, G., Perfect, T. J., Calvini, G., & Neilens, H. L. (2010). When not thinking leads to being and doing: Stereotype suppression and the self. Social Psychology and Personality Science, 1(1), 152-159.


Morra, S., Calvini, G., & Bracco, F. (2009). Investigating mental representation of order with a Speeded Probed Recall task. Acta Psychologica ,132(3), 250-258.