Professor Gordon Smith

Professor Gordon Smith

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) Operations Management

Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Programme Manager International Business Programme

Chair Plymouth Business School International Committee
Socrates Coordinator Plymouth Business School

Roles on external bodies

Visiting Lecturer at ESIC Madrid on MBA programme

Teaching interests

Business Operations

Operations Management

Operations Strategy

Research interests

Gaming as a pedagogic aid.

Project management .

Transference of manufacturing quality methodologies to service industries.

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  • Moizer, J.D., Lean J., Smith, G. and Towler M. (2004) 'Experiences of Using a Business Strategy Simulation: Lessons for Promoting Effective Learning' International Journal of Management Education, Vol. 4, Issue 1, March.
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  • Smith G. Making the Team IEE Review September 2001
  • Smith G. The Black Art of Project Management, IEE Review September 2000
  • Reports & invited lectures

    Invited Lecturer at HES Amsterdam International Education Conference 2005 "A Meeting of Minds" The Future of Double Awards.