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Dr Glen Crust

  • Room 206, Employability Nerve Centre, 3 Endsleigh Place, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 8AA


As Careers Adviser, Teaching and Learning Directorate

  • Collaborating with academic colleagues to co-develop and co-deliver career education and performance development programmes for students.  We tailor these to work within existing modules, and structures such as the industry placement year, and blend with the culture and content of the course.
  • Providing careers guidance, advice and information services, including group work and one-to-one interviews.
  • Enhancing the employability of recent graduates.
  • Establishing links and liaising with employers and professional bodies.

As Associate Lecturer, School of Marine Science & Engineering

  • Raising students' awareness and appreciation of individual difference using models such as Myers-Briggs Type through self-assessment and activities in large groups (250 students).
  • Improving students team work in engineering design projects through small group tutorials.


1993 Counselling Diploma
My counselling education has been based around the Person Centred Approach developed by Carl Rogers

1991  Counselling Certificate

1989  PhD The Effect of Nitriding in High Speed Steel Cutting Tools
Instrumentation development, shear geometry and finite element heat transfer analysis

1983 BSc (Hons) Chemistry & Physics
Dissertation: self-organising chemical systems, particularly the (surprisingly interesting) Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction 

1970 Cycling Proficiency


  • Formerly Learning Development Co-ordinator & Careers Co-ordinator at Marjon, and before that Careers Counsellor at Plymouth CFE (now City College).
  • Broad teaching experience including Open University (chemistry), counsellor education, Nigerian (through VSO) & UK State Secondary teaching & tutoring.
  • Broad counselling and guidance experience including counselling in mental health, and career and performance development with mid-career managers, graduates, students and prospective students. 

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Member of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

Teaching interests

Individual Guidance
Providing individual career guidance advice and information.  Booking information

Programme development
Module co-development and co-delivery, particularly career management, and performance and skills development. Developing and facilitating annual student programme reviews as part of the programme development cycle. Evaluating the impact of career education. Embedding enterprise education, particularly Xing, in the student experience.

Enhancing the student experience
Prioritising entertainment as a teaching imperative. Selling the benefits of performance development programmes to students using theory that aligns outcomes with student priorities, for example Covey’s saw sharpening (working less hard), and Fromm’s route towards self-actualisation (do what you want). Enabling students to troubleshoot their own performance management using theory to understand tensions between their own and their colleagues’ intentions and actions; for example Jungian Type, Berne’s Transactional Analysis, Marx’ alienation, and Prochaska & DiClemente’s change cycle. Promoting engagement: matching delivery with students’ location and motivation by building and promoting engaging online multimedia resources such as the Virtual CV Adviser. Changing students motivations and behaviours through curriculum-based induction. Promoting students’ engagement with the broad university experience through collaboration with institutional Students Unions.

Enhancing undergraduates’ individual design processes in collaboration with UoP graphic communication and engineering academics. Enabling students to manage tensions between their intended and emergent academic behaviours, for example in career management and academic group work.

Individual difference
Using descriptions of individual difference, such as Jungian Type, to support personally appropriate occupational choice and career management strategies, and to improve team performance. Raising UK students’ awareness of the benefits of internationalising their HE experience. Raising international students’ awareness of their unique selling points in the global graduate labour market. Working with the Women in Technology Network (WiTNET) to enhance students’ employment transitions.

Performance management & PDP
Facilitating student-led performance development groupwork programmes for example with postgraduate business students. Developed profiling materials in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCooper LLP available here from the GEES SC website.  

Computer-aided formative and summative assessment. student self- and peer-assessment. aligning students’ individual internal academic performance criteria with formal academic assessment criteria (after Juwah et al). Interpreting and presenting graduate destination (DLHE) data for student and academic audiences, as a labour market indicator of student performance development and career management.


Grants & contracts

Crust, G. Teaching Fellowship, The University of Plymouth, £5,000, 2006

Witt, N.A.J., McDermott, A.P., Crust, G. & Croot, D. (2005) SHELL-FISH 2:  an online feedback management system for electronically submitted coursework: beta code development and piloting. Awarded by the JISC (Joint Information Services Committee) E-learning Tools for Learners and Teachers Distributed E-learning Programme £59,000.

Witt, N.A.J., McDermott, A.P., Crust, G. & Croot, D. (2004) SHELL-FISH:  an online feedback management system for electronically submitted coursework. Awarded by the JISC (Joint Information Services Committee) E-learning Tools for Learners and Teachers Distributed E-learning Programme £98,053.

Filmore, P. & Crust, G. (2010) Breakthrough Innovation: Breaking the Habit of Incremental Improvement, Proceedings of UK TRIZ Symposium 2, 13/5/10, Clevedon, UK, ISBN 978-1-906769-23-9.

Filmore, P., Crust, G. (2009) Myers-Briggs Type and TRIZ in Engineering Innovation, Proceedings of TRIZCON2009, Conoga Park, California, USA, 16-18th March 2009

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Crust, G. (2007) Why Curriculum-Based Career Management Doesn’t Work, Centre for Career Management Studies Conference, University of Reading, UK

Crust, G. (2004) Keynote 2: Promoting the Employability of Geography Graduates in the 21st Century, HERODOT Conference, Sofia University, Bulgaria