Ms Gillian Madge

Ms Gillian Madge

Lecturer in Social Work

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)



Gill teaches & tutors on both the BA (Hons) Social Work and the MA Social Work degrees at Plymouth, since 2004.






Gill has a first class (Hons) degree in Social Policy and Administration, Certificate of Qualification in Social Work and a Diploma in Professional Studies in Family Therapy. Also, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and an MSc. in Social Research, with a dissertation focus on fathers and social work. She is in year 4 of a part-time PhD in Social Work, entitled ;

"An exploration of how, when and why LA children's social workers close former child protection cases, their expectations of how improvements are maintained after case closure and the potential consequences for children: Perspectives of English LA children's social workers."

Teaching interests

Gill’s main teaching interests are child protection social work, working with fathers and matching services to the needs of adolescents.

Research interests

Gill had an MSc (Social Research) dissertation focus on fathers and social work. 
Prior to joining the University staff in 2004, she spent seven years seconded to Dartington Social Research Unit from Devon Social Services where she had previously worked as a social worker, then supervisor, within social work childcare teams and within child and adolescent mental health services . She worked at Dartington on a study funded by the (then) NHS Executive South and West, which used Dartington’s Matching Needs and Services methodology to examine the needs of children referred to health, education, social services and the police. She also evaluated four small-scale experimental services deriving from this research and was involved in training social workers to use Paperwork – a Dartington practice tool for children in need.



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Reports & invited lectures

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