Dr Georgios Karampatakis

Dr Georgios Karampatakis

Research Assistant

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Research Assistant, working as part of the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA).


I joined the University of Plymouth in 2021, as part of the CAMERA research group, working on a multidisciplinary project aiming to enhance analysis of and learning from Fitness to Practice (FTP) cases for dental professionals. The ultimate goal of the project is to appropriately inform the General Dental Council and optimise the respective policies around FTP cases for dental professionals.

I completed my PhD in pharmacy practice in late 2020. As part of my doctoral thesis, I aimed to build evidence for the impact of pharmacists in general practice. This was done by exploring the experiences and the views of various stakeholder groups, including patients, community pharmacy teams and general practice-based staff.

In 2016, I completed an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy at University College London and worked in a collaborative project with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust which attempted to identify the impact of electronic prescribing systems on ward pharmacist work.

2016-2020: PhD Pharmacy Practice, University of Reading (UK)

2015-2016: MSc Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy, University College London (UK)

2009-2014: MPharm, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Professional membership

Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council

Member of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association 

Member of the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association



Research interests

My research interests include topics relating to pharmacy practice, healthcare policy, healthcare workforce and medication safety.

From a methodology point of view, I have a particular interest in in-depth qualitative techniques, formal consensus methods and realistic evaluation.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Karampatakis GD, Patel N, Stretch G & Ryan K (2021) 'Patients’ experiences of pharmacists in general practice: an exploratory qualitative study' BMC Family Practice 22, (1) , DOI Open access
Karampatakis GD, Patel N, Stretch G & Ryan K (2020) 'Community pharmacy teams’ experiences of general practice-based pharmacists: an exploratory qualitative study' BMC Health Services Research 20, (1) , DOI
Karampatakis GD, Ryan K, Patel N & Stretch G (2019) 'Capturing pharmacists’ impact in general practice: an e-Delphi study to attempt to reach consensus amongst experts about what activities to record' BMC Family Practice 20, (1) , DOI
McLeod M, Karampatakis GD, Heyligen L, McGinley A & Franklin BD (2019) 'The impact of implementing a hospital electronic prescribing and administration system on clinical pharmacists’ activities - a mixed methods study' BMC Health Services Research 19, (1) , DOI
Karampatakis GD, Ryan K, Patel N, Lau WM & Stretch G (2019) 'How do pharmacists in English general practices identify their impact? An exploratory qualitative study of measurement problems' BMC Health Services Research 19, (1) , DOI