Dr Garry Farnham

Dr Garry Farnham

Research Fellow

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)

Key publications are highlighted

Ashworth A, Cutler C, Farnham G, Liddle L, Burleigh M, Rodiles A, Sillitti C, Kiernan M, Moore M 2019 'Dietary intake of inorganic nitrate in vegetarians and omnivores and its impact on blood pressure, resting metabolic rate and the oral microbiome' Free Radical Biology and Medicine , DOI PEARL
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Airs RL, Temperton B, Sambles C, Farnham G, Skill SC & Llewellyn CA 2014 'Chlorophyllfand chlorophylldare produced in the cyanobacteriumChlorogloeopsis fritschiiwhen cultured under natural light and near-infrared radiation' FEBS Letters 588, (20) 3770-3777 , DOI
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