Frederico Belmonte Klein

Frederico Belmonte Klein

Research Fellow in Autonomus Mobile Robots for Extreme Environments

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Technical Engineer with Fieldwork Robotics and PhD student in Computer Science (Robotics).


Electrical Engineer (graduated 2006, UFRGS-Brazil), Medical Doctor (graduated in 2014, UFRGS-Brazil ).

Teaching interests

Former demonstrator for NET103 and NET107 with Dr. Maria Papadaki.

Research interests

Currently a Congnitive Robotics PhD student under Prof. Angelo Cangelosi, working with activity detection on robotic platforms for assistive robotics applications.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Stepanova K, Klein FB, Cangelosi A & Vavrecka M 2018 'Mapping Language to Vision in a Real-World Robotic Scenario' IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems 10, (3) 784-794 , DOI
Stepanova K, Hoffmann M, Straka Z, Klein FB, Cangelosi A & Vavrecka M 2017 'Where is my forearm? Clustering of body parts from simultaneous tactile and linguistic input using sequential mapping' Author Site
Klein FB & Cangelosi A 'Human activity recognition from skeleton poses' Author Site
Belmonte Klein F, Cangelosi AC & Štepánová KS 2016 'Implementation of a Modular Growing When Required Neural Gas Architecture for Recognition of Falls' in Hirose AH; Ozawa OS; Doya KD; Kazushi KI; Minho ML; Derong DL Neural Information Processing 23rd International Conference, ICONIP 2016, Kyoto, Japan, October 16–21, 2016, Proceedings Springer 526-534 , DOI Open access
Conference Papers
Klein FB, Wilmot A, de Tejada VF, Rodriguez BL, Requena I, Busch S, Rondepierre A, Auzeeri T, Sauerwald T & Andrews WFP 2019 'Proof-of-concept modular robot platform for cauliflower harvesting' 12th European Conference on Precision Agriculture Wageningen Academic Publishers , DOI Open access
de Azambuja R, Klein FB, Adams SV, Stoelen MF & Cangelosi A 2017 'Short-Term Plasticity in a Liquid State Machine Biomimetic Robot Arm Controller' International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2017) Anchorage, Alaska, USA 5-/-0/20175-/-0/2017Open access
de Azambuja R, Klein FB, Stoelen MF, Adams SV & Cangelosi A 2016 'Graceful Degradation Under Noise on Brain Inspired Robot Controllers' Springer International Publishing 195-204 , DOI Open access
Klein FB, Štepánová K & Cangelosi A 2016 'Implementation of a Modular Growing When Required Neural Gas Architecture for Recognition of Falls' Springer International Publishing 526-534 , DOI


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