Dr Francesco Devoto

Dr Francesco Devoto

Senior Software Developer



Senior Software Developer:

  • Develop of underwater sound propagation software
  • Develop of graphical user interfaces


Educational background:
  • Ph.D. in High Energy Physics at University of Helsinki
  • M.Sc. in High Energy Physics at University of Naples
Work Experience:
  • Sep 2015 - Mar 2017 Software Engineer at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
  • Jun 2014 - Feb 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher at Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Jan 2009 - Nov 2013 Ph.D. Researcher at University of Helsinki
  • May 2008 - Dec 2008 Software Developer at Strago s.p.a.
  • Nov 2007 - Apr 2008 Postgraduate Researcher at University of Naples

Professional membership

  • Member of Palaeontological Association
  • Affiliate at SETI Institute

  • Inspire articles
  • “Liquids and Amorphous Solids Diffraction data Analyzer: LASDiA” (to be submitted)

  • “Application of Kaplow method in Faber-Ziman formalism. Case studied CO2” (to be submitted)