Dr Emily Beaumont

Dr Emily Beaumont

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Dr Emily Beaumont is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Interim Discipline Group Leader for Entrepreneurship at Plymouth University.  She is the Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, a Two Year Fast Track degree programme within Plymouth Business School and the flagship undergraduate programme for the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at Plymouth University.


Date Undertaken 



 10/2011-09/2013 MA: Education Plymouth University
 09/2010-06/2011 Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice
 (Recipient of Academic Excellence Award)
Plymouth University
 10/2007-01/2012 PhD in the Philosophy of Sport and Health Sciences University of Exeter
 10/2008-07/2010 Foundation Degree Business (Management) Plymouth University
 10/2009-06/2010 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Stage 1 & 2 University of Exeter        
10/2006-10/2007 MSc Sociology of Sport Loughborough University
09/2003-05/2006 BA (Hons) Sport with Music Liverpool Hope University


Professional membership

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Roles on external bodies

 Date Undertaken


 06/2013 to Present Day  Internal Management Board for Methodological Innovations Online
 08/2016 to 07/2019  Member of the Board of Directors at Enterprise Educators UK




Teaching interests

Dr Beaumont is the Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise a Two Year Fast Track degree programme at Plymouth University.  This programme recently received 100% overall satisfaction rating in the Student Perception Questionnaire (2016).  She was previously Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Applied Marine Sport Science, BSc (Hons) Surf Science and Technology, and BSc (Hons) Marine Sport Science (01/2013 to 06/2014).  In 2014 BSc (Hons) Applied Marine Sport Science and BSc (Hons) Surf Science and Technology received 93% and 94% respectively for overall satisfaction rating in the National Student Survey (NSS).   

Dr Beaumont currently teaches on a range of entrepreneurship modules (See table below). She is also supervising a number of dissertations at masters and doctoral level (See Research tab).

 STO100 World of Enterprise
 ENT100 Introduction to Enterprise 
 ENT1000PP Entrepreneurial Thought and Action
 ENT301 Enterprise Portfolio

Research interests

Dr Beaumont's current areas of research interest are:

  • Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • Lifestyle Sports (particularly surfing)
  • Enterprise Education
  • Employability

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Completed PhD Supervision (Dos)
Stokes, C. (2015) Coastal impacts of marine renewables, Plymouth University, with Prof. Paul Russell and Prof. Debra Greaves.

Woodward, E. (2015) Rip current safety- Changing behaviour to save lives, Plymouth University, with Prof. Paul Russell and Mr Ross Macleod.

Current PhD Supervision (Dos)
Wallis, L. Lifestyle Entrepreneurship within Lifestyle Sports, Plymouth University, with Dr Andreas Walmsley and Dr Carole Sutton.

Alamari, K.  Entrepreneurialand post materialistic mind-set in Saudi Arabia, Plymouth University, with Dr Robert Newbery.

Current PhD Supervision (Second Supervisor)
Buckland, N. Creating a fit for purpose governance system for social enterprises and SME's in the South West of England, Plymouth University, with Dr Hilary Duckett.

Current ResM Supervision
Selvey, C. Surfing and Biological Science, Plymouth University, with Dr Peter McGregor (Lead Supervisor).

Baird, D. Surfers in Cornwall- The ultimate lifestyle entrepreneur and the backbone of Cornwall's economy, Plymouth University, with Dr Paul Jones.

Completed MRes Supervision
Sykes, T. (2014) Risks in the coastal zone, Plymouth University, with Dr Steve Fletcher.

Grants & contracts

06/2015     Enterprise Educators UK Researcher Project Fund Exploring the Missing Perspective- Using the Student Perspective to Measure the Impact of Enterprise Education     £3,967

04/2015     ISSR Small Collaborative Funding Award     Surfing a Sustainable Wave- The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs contribution to the Cornish Economy   £4,784

12/2013    HEA Social Sciences Strategic Project    Expressions of Employability: How do Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (HLST) students articulate their employability?    £6,404

04/2013    ESRC National Centre for Research Methods    ESRC Bursary for Training: NVivo Training Workshop    £647 

04/2013    Institute of Health and Community    24 hours at Perranporth Beach: The development and evaluation of an innovative crowd sourced method of coastal activity characterisation    £755.93

03/2013    SoMSE School Research Committee    Assessing sustainable co-location potential through marine ecosystem service analysis    £4,896

02/2013    SoMSE Teaching and Learning Awards    Embedding Employability within SoMSE programmes- a series of workshops    £485

02/2013    SoMSE Teaching and Learning Awards     An Introduction to Teaching and Learning requirements within SoMSE- a series of workshops    £217

03/2012    Plymouth University Teaching Fellowship Award    Employability within Marine Sport programmes at Plymouth University, new methods of enquiry    £3,558

02/2012    Higher Education Academy    UK Travel Fund    £300

01/2012    Marine Institute/RNLI    Rip Current Safety- Changing Behaviour to Save Lives    £58,690

01/2012    SoMSE Teaching and Learning Awards    Increasing Student’s awareness of employability: An impact evaluation of embedding careers education across the marine sport programmes and beyond    £1,483

10/2011    SoMSE Studentship    Coastal Impacts of Marine Renewables    £58,690

01/2011    SoMSE Teaching and Learning Awards    Marine Sport Employability Conference    £850


Research groups

  • Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group (PSSRG)
  • Sport and Exercise

Key publications are highlighted

Beaumont EF, Gedye S & Richardson S 2016 '‘Am I employable?’: Understanding students' employability confidence and their perceived barriers to gaining employment' Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 19, 1-9 , DOI PEARL
Woodward E, Beaumont EF, Russell P & MacLeod R 2015 'Public Understanding and Knowledge of Rip Currents and Beach Safety' International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education 9, (1) , DOI PEARL
Beaumont EF & Brown D 2014 '‘Once a Local Surfer, Always a Local Surfer’: Local Surfing Careers in a Southwest English Village' Leisure Sciences , DOI PEARL
Stokes C, Beaumont EF, Russell P & Greaves D 2014 'Anticipated Coastal Impacts: What coastal water-users think of marine renewables and why' Ocean and Coastal Management
Stokes C, Beaumont E, Russell P & Greaves D 2014 'Coastal impacts of marine renewables: perception of breaker characteristics by beach water users' Journal of Coastal Research (70) 389-394 Author Site , DOI
Beaumont E & Brown D 2014 ''It's not something I'm proud of but it's . . . just how I feel': local surfer perspectives of localism' LEISURE STUDIES 35, (3) 278-295 Author Site PEARL
Lau A, Beaumont EF & Hope A 2014 'The effects of surfing behaviour on the development of external auditory canal exostosis' European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head and Neck
Woodward E, Beaumont E, Russell P, Wooler A & Macleod R 2013 'Analysis of Rip Current Incidents and Victim Demographics in the UK' Journal of Coastal Research (65) 850-855 Author Site , DOI
Stokes C, Russell P, Conley D, Beaumont E & Greaves D 2013 'Exploring Monthly To Seasonal Beach Morphodynamics Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions' Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue 65, 1868-1873 , DOI
Conference Papers
Beaumont EF & Gedye S 2014 'Student articulations of their own employability' Society for Research into Higher Education Celtic Manor 10/12/2014 12/12/2014
Gedye S, Cotton D & Beaumont EF 2014 'The impact of discontent' Society for Research into Higher Education Celtic Manor 10/12/2014 12/12/2014
Beaumont E & Gedye S 2014 'Embedding enterprise and employability activities in to the curriculum: A catalyst for students' perception of their employability' Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference Manchester Conference Centre 05/11/2014 06/11/2014
Beaumont EF, Gedye S & Richardson S 2014 'A crisis of confidence: Seven perceived barriers to graduate employment' Canada International Conference on Education Cape Breton University 16/06/2014 19/06/2014
Beaumont EF & Gedye S 2014 'Going Places? How do Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism conceive their employability?' HEA Social Sciences Conference The Studio, Birmingham, UK 21/05/2014 22/05/2014
Woodward E, Beaumont EF, Russell P & Wooler A 2013 'Rip Current Education: An evidence based approach to inform targeted prevention programmes' World Conference on Drowning Prevention Potsdam, Germany 20/10/2013 22/10/2013
Beaumont EF & Gedye S 2013 '“I prefer not to think about it” Reflections on how to motivate careers and employability education through the curriculum and co-curriculum' 11th VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference Plymouth University 28/06/2013 28/06/2013
Woodward E, Beaumont E, Russell P, Wooler A & Macleod R 2013 'Analysis of rip current incidents and victim demographics in the UK' 850-855 , DOI
Stokes C, Russell P, Conley D, Beaumont E & Greaves D 2013 'Exploring monthly to seasonal beach morphodynamics using empirical orthogonal functions' 1868-1873 , DOI
Woodward E, Beaumont EF, Russell P & Wooler A 2012 'Rip Current Victim Demographics: Analysis of Lifeguard Incident Data in the UK' 2nd International Rip Current Symposium Sydney, Australia 30/10/2012 01/11/2012
Beaumont EF & Brown D 2012 'Ideal Types in the Surfing Subculture of South-West England' ISSA World Congress 2012 Glasgow 16/07/2012 18/07/2012
Beaumont EF 2012 'Embedding Careers Education within the Marine Sport Department at Plymouth University' 10th VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference Plymouth University 06/07/2012 06/07/2012
Beaumont EF 2012 'Increasing student’s awareness of employability: Embedding careers education across marine sport programmes' HEA STEM Annual Conference 2012 Imperial College, London 12/04/2012 13/04/2012 , DOI
Beaumont EF 2011 'Increasing employability and the student experience through the use of the Careers and Employability Service at the UoP' 9th VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference Plymouth University 07/07/2011 07/07/2011
Beaumont EF & Brown D 2011 'Researcher-Respondent relationships and ethical concerns in the surfing subculture' Methods@Plymouth 2011 Plymouth University 19/05/2011 20/05/2011
Beaumont EF 2011 'Launching a new WBL module - a personal journey' Work Based Learning Exchange Event Plymouth University 05/05/2011 05/05/2011

Other academic activities

External Examining
09/2015- Present Day
University of Chester, Entrepreneurship Discipline

09/2015- Present Day
University East Anglia, MSc Business Management (Entrepreneurship Modules)

Programme Approvals and Period Reviews 
Panel Member
05/2015 Bristol College Periodic Review
06/2014 Strode College Periodic Review
04/2014 Plymouth University Bachelor of Dental Surgery Programme Approval
11/2013 Plymouth University MSc Restorative Dentistry Programme Approval
01/2013 Highlands College FdA Sport and Management Programme Approval

03/2014 City College Plymouth FdA Games Design Programme Approval
11/2013 City of Bristol College BA (Hons) Health and Social Care Programme Approval

Journal Reviewing
Emily has reviewed for the following academic journals:

The International Journal of Management Education
Leisure Studies
Annals of Leisure Research

Conference Paper Reviewing
British Academy of Management 2015, 2016
Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship 2015

Additional information

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Read my blog at emilybeaumont@wordpress.com.  Follow me on Twitter @EmilyFBeaumont