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Miss Emilie Hall

Student Ambassador

Student Recruitment & Admissions (NC) (External Relations (NC))


MPhil researcher


MSc Ecology, Evolution & Conservation - Imperial College London 2011-12

BSc (hons) Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology - University of Plymouth 2008-2011

Professional membership

Genetics Society

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
British Ecological Society
Society for Experimental Biology
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Research interests

I am interested in evolutionary and physiological responses to environmental stressors.

For my undergraduate dissertation, I investigated the biochemical responses of algae to grazing pressure and how this related to grazing and predatory gastropod distribution on the rocky shore. My postgraduate thesis centred around modelling evolutionary dynamics using abundance data of fossilised foraminifera zooplankton, comparing environmental and competition drivers.

Currently, I am using a commercially important species of shrimp as a model organism to illustrate how environmental drivers shape populations. Using a combination of genetics, physiology and metabolomics, I am testing for evidence of local adaptation between two populations experiencing different oxygen regimes, and investigating their differing levels of physiological plasticity and the mechanisms behind any tolerance exhibited.

Grants & contracts

ASSEMBLEon-site access 9th call

Principal Investigator: Manuela Truebano

Co-applicants: Piero Calosi, EmilieHall

Funds and resources to carry out field and mesocosm experiments (27th April – 14th May 2014) at the Sven Lovèn Centre for Marine Sciences– Kristineberg, Sweden. Resources include access to a research laboratory, use of research vessel, transport,food and lodging.

Dupont, S., Hall, E., Calosi, P., & Lundve, B. (2014). First Evidence of Altered Sensory Quality in a Shellfish Exposed to Decreased pH Relevant to Ocean Acidification. Journal of Shellfish Research, 33(3), 857-861.


Harvey, B. P., Al-Janabi, B., Broszeit, S., Cioffi, R., Kumar, A., Aranguren-Gassis, M., Bailey, A., Green, L., Gsottbauer, C. M., Hall, E. F., Lechler, M., Mancuso, F. P., Pereira, C. O., Ricevuto, E., Schram, J. B., Stapp, L. S., Stenberg, S. & Rosa, L. T. S. (2014). Evolution of Marine Organisms under Climate Change at Different Levels of Biological Organisation. Water, 6(11), 3545-3574.