Professor Donna Ladkin

Professor Donna Ladkin

Professor of Leadership and Ethics

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Professor of Leadership and Ethics


BA in Music and Philosophy from Yale University, New Haven CT USA; 1981

MBA from Cranfield School of Management;  1987-1988
PhD in Organizational Behavior from Cranfield School of Management; 1993
MA in Environmental Philosophy from Lancaster University; 2004

Professional membership

Royal Society of Arts

American Academy of Management

Roles on external bodies

Distinguished Fellow, Schumacher Instititue

Teaching interests

Leadership, Business ethics, Organizations and sustainability, Organization theory, Research methods

Research interests

The ontology of leadership

Leadership as aesthetic and embodied practice
Best practice in teaching business ethics
Using arts-based practices within leader and manager development
The socio-material practices of sustainable and ethical organizations
Foucauldian approaches to leadership ethics

Journal Articles – Peer Reviewed

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