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Dominic Reeve

Professor of Coastal Dynamics

School of Marine Science and Engineering (Faculty of Science & Environment)


Professor of Coastal Dynamics


NOTE: from 1st October 2011my main employment is at Swansea University.

BSc(Hons), PhD 
Chartered Mathematician  |  Chartered Civil Engineer

Previous employment includes: University of Reading; Marconi Underwater Systems Limited; Halcrow Group Limited; University of Nottingham.

Professional membership

Member, London Mathematical Society
Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS)
Fellow, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (FIMA)
Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE)

Roles on external bodies

2009 - date   Editorial Board ASCE Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal & Ocean Engineering
2007 - date   Editorial Board ICE Journal of Maritime Engineering
2006 - 2009  Council of the Royal Meteorological Society
2004 - date   FREE Programme Steering Committee, NERC
2002 - date   Editorial Board Mathematics Today
2000 - 2010  EPSRC Peer Review College

Teaching interests

I lecture to our MSc, MEng, BEng and BSc students on coastal processes and engineering, flood risk and coastal protection. 
I also supervise final year MEng/BEng and MSc student projects. 

Key modules:
MGMT111 - Professional Studies (10 credits: Year 1)
COUE216/218 - Introduction to Coastal Engineering (20 credits: Year 2)
COUE315/316 - Coastal Design Project (30 credits: Year 3)
PRCE305 - Individual project (30 credits: BEng)
PRCE401 - Individual Project 1 (10 credits: MEng)
PRCE507 - Individual Project 2 (20 credits: MEng)
MAR505 - Wave and Current Modelling for Marine Renewable Energy  (20 credits: MSc)

Staff serving as external examiners

2008 -         : External Examiner, BEng, MEng & MSc Civil Engineering, 
                     University of the West Indies
2003 - 2005: External Examiner, BEng & MEng Civil Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

2001 - 2006: External Examiner, MSc in Maritime Civil Engineering, 
                    University of Liverpool

I have acted as PhD examiner for candidates at universities in UK, Europe and SE Asia.

Research interests

My research interests are:

1. Wave propagation                                                     2. Flood risk


Plunging breaker at Sheringham, Norfolk                 Blackpool beach flood defence 

                                                                                (Photo courtesy of Dr S Ilic)

 3. Beach erosion and morphology


Exposed toe of concrete seawall near Cromer, UK         Post-storm scour at seawall at Teignmouth, UK

4. Offshore sandbanks



The focus of my work is the development of analytical and numerical models. 
I currently supervise:  

  • 1 research assistants/fellows
  • 8 doctoral research students 

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Zhong Peng, University of Plymouth, (2010)
Paul Thompson, University of Plymouth, (2009)
Anna Zacharioudaki, University of Plymouth, (2008)
Dominic Hames, University of Plymouth, (2006)
Li Ying, University of Plymouth, (2005)
Jose Maria Horrillo-Caraballo, University of Nottingham, (2005)
Akram Mohammed Soliman, University of Nottingham, (2003)


Grants & contracts

I am the Principal Investigator, (except where indicated), on the following research grants:- 

• THESEUS, EU FP7, 2009-2013
• Flood Risk Management Research Consortium 2, (Co-investigator), EPSRC/DEFRA/EA 2007-2011
• EPIRUS (FREE Flood Risk under Extreme Events Programme), (Co-investigator), NERC 2006-2011
• Wave modelling for WaveHub, SWRDA, 2007-2010
• Coupled dynamic response of wave energy converters and mooring systems (Co-investigator), SWRDA, 2007-2010


H Karunarathna, J-M Horrillo-Caraballo, M Spivack & D E Reeve: "Analysis of key parameters in a diffucion type beach profile evolution model", Continental Shelf Research, (in press)
A Zacharioudaki & D E Reeve: "Shoreline evolution under climate change wave scenarios", Climatic Change, (in press)
B Wang & D E Reeve: “Probabilistic Modelling of Long-term Beach Evolution near Segmented Shore-parallel Breakwaters”, Coastal Engineering, 57, p732-744, 2010. 
Y Zhang, Q Zou, D Greaves, D E Reeve, A Hunt-Raby, D Graham, P James, & X Lv: “A level set immersed boundary method for water entry and exit”, Commun. Comput. Phys. Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 265-288, 2010.  
J-M Horrillo-Caraballo & D E Reeve: “A comparison of the performance of Canonical Correlation Analysis on sand and shingle beaches”, Marine Geology, 274, p120-134, 2010 
P Thompson, Y Cai, R Moyeed, D E Reeve & J Stander: "Bayesian Nonparametric Quantile Regression Using Splines", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, p1138-1150, 2010
X Lv, Q Zou, Y Zhao & D E Reeve: "A novel coupled level set and volume of fluid method for sharp interface capturing on 3D tetrahedral grids", Journal of Computational Physics, 229, p2573-2604, 2010.
A Zacharioudaki & D E Reeve: "A note on the numerical solution of the one-line model", Environmental Modeling and Software, 25, p802-807, 2010.
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A Ruiz de Alegría-Arzaburu, A Pedrozo-Acuña, J M Horrillo-Caraballo,  G Masselink & D E Reeve:  “Medium-term shoreline predictions on a gravel beach using Canonical Correlation Analysis”, Coastal Engineering, 57(3), p290-303, 2010.

H Karunarathna, D E Reeve & M Spivack: "Beach profile evolution as an inverse problem", Continental Shelf Research, 29, p2234-2239, 2009.
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D E Reeve & H Karunarathna: "On the prediction of long-term morphodynamic response of estuarine systems to sea level rise and human interference", Continental Shelf Research, 29, p938-950, 2009.
P Thompson, D E Reeve, J Stander & Y Cai: "Automated threshold selection methods for extreme wave analysis", Coastal Engineering, 56(10), p1031-1021, 2009. 

A Zacharioudaki & D E Reeve: "Semi-analytical solutions of shoreline response to time varying wave conditions", ASCE J Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Vol. 134(5), p256-274, 2008.
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H Karunarathna, D E Reeve & M Spivack: "Long-term morphodynamic evolution of estuaries: An inverse problem'", Estuarine, Coast and Shelf Science, 77, p385-395, 2008
D E Reeve, A Soliman & P Lin: "A numerical model for combined overtopping and overflow of seawalls by random waves", Coastal Engineering, vol. 55, p155-166, 2008. 

T Mason, D Priestley & D E Reeve: "Monitoring nearshore shingle transport under waves using a passive acoustic technique , J Acoust. Soc. Am., 122 (2), p737-746, 2007.
D L Millar, H C M Smith & D E Reeve: "Modelling Studies of the Sensitivity of the Shoreline Wave Climate to the Proposed Wave Farm Development off the North Coast of Cornwall" Ocean Engineering, Vol 34 (5-6), 0884-901, 2007.

BOOKS D E Reeve, A J Chadwick & C A Fleming, Coastal Engineering: Processes, Theory and Design Practice, SPON Press, Taylor & Francis, London & New York, pp461, 2004.  

D E Reeve, Risk and Reliability: Coastal and Hydraulic Engineering, SPON Press, Taylor & Francis, London & New York, 304p, ISBN 13: 978-0-415-46755-1, 2009.

P Novak, V Guinot, A Jeffrey, D E Reeve, Hydraulic Modelling - An Introduction: Principles – Methods – Applications. SPON Press, London, publication date 22nd January 2010.

Reports & invited lectures

9th July 2009: Invited Speaker, 'Coastal flooding and Gt Yarmouth port', 2009 Forum of the British Ports Association, Plymouth.
4th September 2008: Session Chairman, 'Flood risk and climate change', 31st ICCE, Hamburg, 1-5 Sept 2008.
27th February 2008: Session Chairman, 'Morphodynamics', COPEDEC VII, Dubai, UAE, 23-29th Feb 2008.
29th March 2007: Invited Speaker, 'Coastal Flooding', ICE/EPSRC Forum on Flood Risk Management - Recent Developments, Cardiff, UK.

Coast protection works at Negumbo, Sri Lanka


Exe Estuary management Study, Mathematical modelling of shoreline and estuarine morphology for a strategic study for the Devon Shoreline Partnership, in collaboration with Halcrow Group, 2008-09.

Great Yarmouth Sandbanks Analysis: Statistical Analysis of Past and Future Nearshore Morphology, International Port Holdings, 2007

Risk Assessment of Coastal Erosion, DEFRA Report FD2324. Contributing author, with Halcrow Group, 2007.



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