Dr Doha Hegazy

Dr Doha Hegazy

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Biomedical Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


Hepatology Research Group Manager 
(Research & Teaching) 


Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education 
PhD Molecular Medicine 
Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology and Public Health
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Professional membership

Fellow of the higher education academy
Member of European Association for the study of Liver Diseases 

Teaching interests

  • Problem Based Learning Facilitator for Year 1 BMBS students
  • Life Science Resource Centre facilitator for Year 2 BMBS students
  • Curriculum Development for the BMBS programme
  • Special Study Unit Provider (Research in Action - Year 4 BMBS........Healthcare environment Year 1 &2 BMBS)

Research interests

Liver diseases/ Hepatitis C infection

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Dr Prem Thurairhaja    awarded
Dr Usama Warshow     awarded 
Dr Maggie Ow               awarded
Dr Evi Mandalou            awarded
Dr Asma Ahmed            writing up 

Grants & contracts

Marry Kinross grant £286 000
NorthCott £ 6000


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  • Grawish Mel-A, Khounganian R, Hamam MK, Zaher AR, Hegazy D, El-Negoly SA, Hassan G, Zyada MM. Altered coronal tissue of the human dental pulp in chronic hepatitis C virus infected patients. JEndodontics 2012
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