Mr Diego Bruciaferri

Mr Diego Bruciaferri

Teaching and Support Assistant

School of Biological & Marine Sciences (NC)


Ph.D.  Researcher

Research project: Numerical modelling of shelf seas

Turbulent upper ocean mixing has a fundamental role in the way oceans influence and interact with the Earth system and the theoretical understanding of its complex physics is a major problem in Physical Oceanography.  General Circulation models try to parametrise some of the main processes in the ocean surface boundary layer but they are still far from offering a complete representation of the turbulent dynamics occurring at the ocean surface.  This inevitably affects our ocean and climate forecasting ability, either at regional and large scales. My current research focuses on this topic, especially on the role of the wave-induced turbulence in the upper ocean mixing. The aim of my Ph.D.  research is to develop an advanced coupled ocean-wave modelling system to study the influence of the wave-induced turbulence on the formation of the Cold Intermediate Water in the Black Sea.

Supervisors:   Prof. G. I. Shapiro, Dr. F. Wobus

Scientific responsible of  EMODnet -Black Sea Checkpoint - Challenge 5 - Coast 

Challenge leader: Prof. G. I. Shapiro


BSc Marine Biology and Physical Oceanography - Polytechnic of Marche, 2011
Thesis: Implementation of an ocean numerical model to study the dispersion dynamics, in the marine environment, of a cooled and chlorinated seawater discharge coming from a LNG-FSRU terminal
Supervisor: Dr. Aniello Russo    

MSc Environmental Sciences - University of Bologna, 2014 [magna cum laude]
Thesis: Study of a wind-wave numerical model and its integration with an ocean and  an oil-spill numerical models

Supervisors: Prof. Nadia Pinardi, Dr. Michela De Dominicis

Teaching interests

Teaching assistant for:

BSc,  Shelf Seas and Estuaries (Module leader: Prof. G. I. Shapiro) - 2017
BSc,  Introduction to Ocean Modelling (Module leader: Prof. G. I. Shapiro) - 2017
MSc, Modelling Marine Processes (Module teacher: Prof. G. I. Shapiro) -2017

Research interests

My research in Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics mainly focusses on the ocean dynamics arising from the interplay between the atmosphere and the ocean surface. Of particular interest to me is the upper ocean mixed layer and how to properly represent its physics in ocean general circulation models.
During my MSc and research assistant positions at the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) I worked on the implementation and coupling of Eulerian ocean and waves numerical models as well as the development and improvement of Lagrangian passive and active tracer models. 
My current Ph.D. research project involves the numerical modelling of shelf seas.

Refereed Journals:

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Technical Reports:

D. Bruciaferri and the MEDSLIK-II System Team, 2016. MEDSLIK-II, Lagrangian marine surface oil spill model, User Manual, Version 1.02, 2015,

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D. Bruciaferri, G. I. Shapiro, F. Wobus, A coupled ocean-wave modeling system to investigate the role of the wave-induced turbulence on the Cold Intermediate Water formation in the Black Sea - The scientific approach, NPOP conference, Bristol (UK), April 2016 (poster).

M. De Dominicis, N. Pinardi, D. Bruciaferri, S. Liubartseva, Numerical modelling for real-time forecasting of marine oil pollution and hazard assessment, EGU assembly 2015.