Deirdre Ford

Deirdre Ford

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)

Grants & contracts

1. Gilbert, T., Indge, R., Ford, D. & Leverton, C. (2008 - 2010) Review of the evidence base to optimise the design and delivery of training and development for social/care workers involved with the safeguarding of vulnerable adults. ESRC: Knowledge Transfer Partnership: £113,000

2. Ford, D., ‘Pilot to examine the use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) by undergraduate students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties who are undertaking professional placement learning’, TechDis Higher Education Assistive Technology Scheme Round 2, £2,000 July 2007

3. Member of Developmental Disability Research and Education Group bid ‘Predicting the capacity of residential homes to care for adults with learning disabilities and dementia in order to make recommendations for better practice.’ £5,000 R &D Funding April 2005

4. Member of Project Team, Education & Business Development Ltd. to produce learning materials & training programmes for service users & carers (funded by TopssEngland £45,200). Sept 2004 - 2005

Research groups

  • Developmental Disability Research & Education

1. Butler, A., Ford, D. and Tregaskis, C. (2007) ‘Who do we think we are? Self and reflexivity in social work practice’, Qualitative Social Work: Research and Practice, Vol.5:3.

2. Ford, D., Harrison, G. and Welbourne, P. (2006) ‘Conclusion: the ethical dimensions of international recruitment’, in Lyons, K. and Littlechild, B. (eds) International Labour Mobility in Social Work. Birmingham: Venture Press, (ISBN 1 86178 0745)

3. Welbourne, P., Harrison, G. and Ford, D. (2006) ‘Social Work in the UK and the Global Labour Market: Practice and Ethical Considerations’, International Social Work, 50 (1) 27- 40.

4. Ford, D. & Stepney, P. (2003) ‘Hospital Discharge and the Citizenship Rights of Older People - will the U.K. become a test-bed for Eastern Europe?’ European Journal of Social Work, 6 (3) 257-272.

5. Stepney, P & Ford, D. (Eds.) (2000) Social Work Models, Methods and Theories. Lyme Regis: Russell House Publishing.

6. Ford, D. & Chui, W.H. (2000) ‘Where East Meets West: Fieldwork Instruction in Hong Kong and England’. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work 10 (2) 19-39.

Other academic activities

Most recent conference presentations:
1. Dowling, T. and Ford, D. ‘Disability Equality and Professional Practice Learning’, Placements, Work Experience and Work Based learning Conference, University of Plymouth, May 2008

2. Ford, D. ‘Improving Access to Practice Learning for Disabled Students using Assistive Technology’, CEPPL Conference, University of Plymouth, April 2008

3. Ford, D. ‘Disability and Equality’, Placement Learning Double Bill (A joint conference with the Diets Thematic Network and School of Health Professions) University of Plymouth, Sept. 2007

4. Boyce, P., Ford, D. and Jelley, M. ‘Equality and Practice Learning’, Placements, Work Experience and Work Based Learning Conference, University of Plymouth, May 2007

5. Ford, D. ‘Leadership in Social Services’, ERASMUS Conference, Hochschule fur Sozialwesen, University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen, Germany. April 2006

6. Butler, A. and Ford, D. ‘A Contradiction in Terms: funding a needs-led service through outcome-driven sources’, IASSW Conference, Santiago de Chile, August 2006.

7. Butler, A. and Ford, D. 'Social Workers and Citizenship: learning for practice',

International Association of Schools of Social Work Conference, Montpellier, July 2002.

8. Ford, D. 'Service Users in Education', ERASMUS Conference, Hochschule fur Sozialwesen in Esslingen am Neckar, April 2003.

9. Ford, D. 'Service User Involvement in Recruitment and Training', Devon Care Training Consortium 3rd Annual Conference, Buckfastleigh, May 2003.