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Professor David Gosling

Visiting Professor

Teaching and Learning (NC)


After five years teaching in FE and secondary education, I taught education and philosophy at Madeley College (1974 - 81), the University of Malawi (1981 -83), North Staffordshire Polytechnic (1984 - 89).  In 1990 I  became Principal Lecturer and Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator at Staffordshire University. I was appointed Head of Educational Development Services at University of East London (1993 - 2002), and Co-Director of the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund National Co-ordination Team (2002-03). Since 2004 I have been Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth and an independent higher education consultant undertaking research, evaluation, training and advisory services (since 2002).

As Head of Educational Development at UEL I was formally responsible for:  Research in Educational Development Network, Post Graduate Certificate and Masters in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Staff Development, Socrates Programme, University Disability Service, English Language Service, Careers Advisory Service, Accreditation of Prior Learning, Centre for Learning Technologies, Quality Improvement in Learning and Teaching(QILT) and Educational Development.

I was Chair University Learning and Teaching Strategy task group, Chair Educational Developments Committee, Chair Assessment board for MA/MSc in Work-based Learning, Vice Chair Equal Opportunities Advisory Group, Chair Standing Group for Race and Ethnicity.

I took a lead role in two QAA audit visits, chaired many validation and review panels both within the university and with partner institutions including the Tavistock Clinic, led UEL's TQEF activity including the Learning and Teaching Strategy, was on the executive group for the year of Life Long Learning, pioneered Readerships in Education Development, and assisted many heads of department preparing for QAA Subject Review.


PhD, Education, University of Leeds. Thesis title: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Concept of the Education of the Emotions with special reference to Moral Education,

Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of London,

MA, Philosophy, University of Sussex,

BA (Hons) in Philosophy, University of Sussex

Research interests

Higher education policy with particular reference to teaching and learning; scholarship of teaching and learning, peer review of teaching.
Currently engaged in a longitudinal study of the Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Professor Andy Hannan.
Educational Development units in the UK. Original survey was conducted in 1995 and the second in 2000. Third survey undertaken in 2006. Inetrnational study is now being undertaken.

Books authored

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Books edited

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