Dan Haspel

Dan Haspel

Technical Specialist (Electron Microscopy)

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


This is a new role that has been created as part of an EU-funded (European Regional Development Fund) research collaboration project supporting  industry within the south west of England (Plymouth Materials Characterisation Project). As one of the new Technical Specialists I will be jointly responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the new FIB-SEM (focused ion beam scanning electron microscope), which was also acquired using ERDF. Within this role I will be utilising my knowledge of materials engineering developed through completing my MEng in Automotive Materials Engineering and undertaking my PhD in Developing a Dual-Layer System for the Mitigation of Tin Whiskers, both at Loughborough University. I have also worked for a number of different companies including, Engineering Support Technician at Ross Ceramics, Rolls Royce plc (Derbyshire), Research Assistant at Loughborough University (Leicestershire) and Research Engineer at IHI Corporation (Yokohama, Japan).


PhD Materials Science: Loughborough University (2018)
MEng (Hons) Automotive Materials Engineering: Loughborough University (2014)
DIS (Diploma in Industrial Studies): Loughborough University (2014)

Electron microscope experience
FIB-SEM            Carl Zeiss Crossbeam 550
SEM                   JEOL 7800, JEOL 7100, JEOL 7001, JEOL 6610, Carl Zeiss Leo 1530 VP

Optical microscope experience
Leica DMi8 inverted mircroscope, GX Microscopes L3030 stereo microscope

Experience on other analytical equipment
XPS                    Thermo Scientific K-Alpha  
XRD                    Bruker D2 Phaser

Research interests

  • Mitigation of tin whisker growth
  • Post-electroplating surface treatments of tin
  • Application of electrochemistry and electrochemical surface treatments of metals
  • Conversion coatings
  • Novel coating systems
  • Application of SEM, FIB-SEM and related analytical techniques
  • Applied analytical techniques in materials characterisation


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