Dr D. Morrison

Dr D. Morrison

Research Assistant A

Teaching & Learning Support


I am a researcher in Higher Education curriculum design and teaching. Currently I am engaged with several projects at PedRIO working with Assessing Interdisciplinary Teaching, Internationalisation of the Curriculum, and evaluating the implementation of the Curriculum Enrichment Project


(2011-2014) PhD: Educational Studies, University of Glasgow "The Underdetermination of Interdisciplinarity: theory and curriculum design in undergraduate higher education"

(2010-2011) MLitt(Distinction) Medieval Scottish Studies, University of Glasgow

(2007-2010) MA(1:1): History, University of Glasgow

(2003-2005) AA(Associate of Arts): Jewellery and Metalsmithing, Palomar College, California, USA

(1997-1998) Certification: Microelectronics and Radar Maintenance, United States Marine Corps, Florida, USA

Professional membership

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Member of the Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE)

Member of Learning for Sustainability Scotland (LfSS)

Member of Evaluation of Learners Experiences of e-learning Special Interest Group (Elesig)

Teaching interests

My teaching currently focuses on skills development across a range of topics and crosses many academic subjects. I teach equally to students and staff in this capacity through workshops, tutoring, and guest lectures. The core topics I teach on are developing interdisciplinary skills and curricula, internationalization across subjects, student transitions, academic writing, and assessment and feedback (including teaching students how to engage effectively with both). I have also lectured in application and critique of social theory.

Research interests

My research interests cover a wide range of Higher Education topics. Foremost is developing effective interdisciplinary education, to include assessing interdisciplinary learning. I also have strong interests in assessment and feedback innovation, research methods and comparative epistemoligies in higher education research, internationalisation of the curriculum, e-learning and digital learning environments, evaluation of higher education quality, and historiography.

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LEAF (Leading Enhancement in Assessment and Feedback)[as David Talbot]


Grants & contracts

(2016) £50,000 HEFCE Catalyst A: "Learning for the Future: Developing an interdisciplinary learning framework between the arts and sciences" University of Plymouth

(2015) £20,000 "Leading Enhancments in Assessment and Feedback" Joint project across Universities of Glasgow/Edinburgh/Birmingham/Nottingham

(Under Review) Heffernan, T., Morrison, D., Cotton, D., Magne, P., Payne, S., ‘Internalising Internationalisation: views on internationalisation of the curriculum among home-based students’ in Studies in Higher Education

(Submitted) Heffernan, T., Morrison, D., Cotton, D., Magne, P., Payne, S., ‘Citizenship or Competence: the impact of terms on student views of internationalisation’ to Higher Education

(2018) Turner, R., Hurth, V., Cotton, D., Stevens, S., Child, S., Morrison, D. & Kneale, P. “Using a structured timetable to manage first year students’ expectations of independent study.” In Transitions: in, through and out of higher education [???]

(2017) Morrison, D., Turner, B. 7 steps to delivering an effective immersive module https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/uploads/production/document/path/5/5988/7_steps_to_Delivering_an_Effective_Immersive_Module.pdf

(2017) Turner, B., Morrison, D., Cotton, D., Kneale, P., ‘Easing the transition of first year undergraduates through immersive induction modules’ in Teaching in Higher Education 22(7) pp. 805-821

(2015) Talbot, D. [previous name], ‘Is Interdisciplinarity an Act of Borrowing?’ in Meaning and λόγος: Proceedings from the Early Professional Interdisciplinary Conference , Cambridge University Press.

(2013) Talbot, D. [previous name], ‘What is Curriculum Mapping and how can it be applied at Glasgow University: Life Sciences and Humanities’, in Quality Assurance Agency Enhancement Themes: Developing and Supporting the Curriculum , http://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/docs/report/dsc-final-report--university-of-glasgow.pdf

in Production

(2018) Morrison, D., What is interdisciplinarity really, and how can we teach it in higher education

(2018) Morrison, D., Sykes, A., Gray, J., Half as Much but Twice as Good: new directions in delivering student feedback

(2018) Turner, B., Morrison, D., Cotton, D., Kneale, P., Interdisciplinarity and Student Choice in First Year Curriculum Change: victories and lessons

Reports & invited lectures

2016 Plenary Speaker "New Evidence on Interdisciplinarity: how can we teach it?" Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Frameworks and Practice conference, University of Sheffield

Additional information

Hobbist jeweller and second-rate juggler