Dr Craig Newman

Dr Craig Newman

Senior Research Fellow

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


·     Senior Research Fellow (PUPSMD)

·     Mobile Health TechnologyInnovations Lead (PUPSMD)

·     Group Lead - Neuro-CognitiveResearch Centre (www.neurocore.org.uk)

·     NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow (NHSEngland)

·     Principal Clinical Psychologist  (Derriford Hospital,Plymouth, Neuropsychology)

·     Associate PsychologyLecturer(Plymouth University)

o   Neuropsychology

o   Professional Skills(Innovation beyond clinical practice)

o   Research Skills


  • BSc Hons Psychology - Stirling University (2000)
  • PhD - Behavioural Economics and Addition - Keele University (2008)
    Assessment and adjustment of decision making impairment in heroin addicts, via a
    software based simulated decision making intervention.
  • DClinPsych - Plymouth University (2012)
    Assessment of executive functioning, in dementia, via a mobile tablet based translation of the Trail Making Test. 


·     Computerised cognitiveassessment

·     Clinical softwarearchitecture

·     Usability research

·     Digital eHealthinnovations project management

Professional membership

Health Professionals Counsel

Chartered Clinical Psychologist (BPS)

Division of Clinical Psychology (CPsychol)

Teaching interests

  • Clinical Neuropsychology (MPsych & DClin)
  • Professional practice (DClin)
  • Clinical research skills (DClin)
  • Psychology of participation (clinical trials) (NHS Research Nurses)

Research interests

The development and implementation of:

  1. computerised applicationswhich support cognitive assessment, clinical assessment and self-assessment ofneurodegenerative conditions.
  2. computerised patient self-management apps - self-monitoring, self-triage and treatment triggering systems.  

Current studies (click link)

Current software development (click link)

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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