Dr Corina Medley

Dr Corina Medley

Lecturer in Criminology

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Key publications are highlighted

Medley C 2018 'Book review: Jennifer Maher, Harriet Pierpoint and Piers Beirne (eds), The Palgrave International Handbook of Animal Abuse Studies' Theoretical Criminology 22, (3) 492-494 , DOI
Linnemann T & Medley C 2018 'Black sites, “dark sides”: War power, police power, and the violence of the (un)known' Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal 15, (2) 341-358 , DOI
Medley C & Linnemann T 2017 '“Fear the Monster!: Racialised Violence, Sovereign Power and the Thin Blue Line.”' The Routledge International Handbook on Fear of Crime Routledge 65-81