Dr Cordet Smart

Dr Cordet Smart

Associate Lecturer

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)


PhD Social Psychology - Understanding social influence differently: A discursive study of livery yards

MSc  Psychology - neuropsychology and developmental psychology
Post Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Education
BSc Hons Psychology (First)
BSc Adult Nursing

Professional membership

Teaching Fellow with the Higher Education Academy
The British Psychological Society member
The British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section member

Roles on external bodies

The British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section Committee member
Conference Officer, Social Psychology Section, British Psychological Society.

Research interests

I engage in three main areas of research that have a substantive overlap, and reflect the diversity of my background.  
The Multi-Disciplinary-Teams in Action research project, which seeks to examine in detail the function of mental healthcare and Intellectual Disability Care teams in their face to face interactions.  I lead a team of researchers who are exploring a range of different aspects of team function, including how patient voices and experience is displayed, team dynamics (leadership, inter-professionalism and interpersonal dynamics and support), and team actions such as the formulation of clinical care programmes and diagnoses.  This research programme is based on a discursive methodology, and seeks to explore how a discursive social psychological position can contribute to the development of clinical practice in a meaningful and valuable way for clients, carers and staff.

My second area of research focuses more specifically on the theoretical understanding of social influence within society.  This includes the development of more language based understandings of how social influence can be understood, and an exploration of the challenges of doing this for discursive psychology.  I examine how social influence has been understood through experimental and cognitive models, and explore the meaning for this in terms of how groups are observed to function .

Thirdly, I have an interest in family systems research and using discursive methods to explore in detail how families negotiate issues and concerns that are important for their family functioning.  For example, in terms of how families together make sense of Chronic Fatigue, Autism, or bereavement and how this is displayed in patterns of interaction between family members.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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