Miss Cordelia Roberts

Miss Cordelia Roberts

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

PhD Researcher in Environmental Genomics and Microbial Oceanography. 

The roles of fungi in aquatic systems, both freshwater and marine have long been overlooked in comparison to their roles in terrestrial environments. There is a growing awareness of their potential ecological and biogeochemical roles within freshwater and pelagic oceans. Fungal sequences represent a large proportion of eukaryotic sequences in aquatic systems, yet a lack of true estimates on aquatic fungal diversity and biomass supports that they are clearly understudied, their roles unclear and therefore underrepresented in biogeochemical ecosystem models.

The aim of my PhD is to begin to identify the role that saprotrophic marine fungi play in the biological carbon pump and to characterise the molecular machinery behind saprotrophic degradation of particulate matter in the oceans. 


BSc.(Hons) Marine Biology and Oceanography with Exchange Year. First Class Honours. University of Plymouth, UK and Universit├Ąt Bremen, DE. 

MRes Marine Biology. Distinction. University of Plymouth and Marine Biological Association, UK. 

Research interests

Environmental Genomics 



Biological Oceanography 


Roberts, C., Allen, R., Bird, K.E. and Cunliffe, M., 2020. Chytrid fungi shape bacterial communities on model particulate organic matter. Biology letters, 16(9), p.20200368.

Reports & invited lectures

Young Marine Biologist Summit 2019 Keynote Speaker 'Snow underwater? There's snow such thing' Marine Biological Association, UK.